Friday, November 13, 2009

Are Artists Copyist?

Are all Artist copyist? when I ask this question it became a personal matter' so not to be blind about the motive of my question, I rather go with the facts then to continue, an rather not give answer to my own opinion, As to be Fair for some he or she might be thinking the same. A keen interest in the 90's about Vangoghs Life, whom it said to be known as the father of post impressionism or impressionism era'. He have had an acquire knowledge and admiration for true Asian Art and some of hes great works are of Irises, wish are known to be One of the Most popular flowers In Asian culture.'

Well he indeed got the concept, but applied what was important for him, to continue on and develop and Original Artwork, not to be compared to anyone else, and perhaps this is what made him unique' and today a Master' in he's own Right. It is true that he wasn't the only one, For Monet, to paint in the canvas was as to capture form and engage in what he called , true unaltered" color or as much as possible'.
So as to Say and conclude with this blog, Rather would leave it to the judgment of the creative minds to answer the question instead.

Copying from Artist books

The consistency on relying on an Art book for reference should be limited as what is for, not to copy or promote the way the artist work, wile learning, do not make the same mistake, getting prompt to co exist with some one else ideas could be harmful. So instead of expanding towards a better view go off the books, Is not certain, but it might not help you in to advance as your full potential. Try the approach and the concept in in Art instead in Art museums or Galleries you will have a better understanding.

If there's nothing wrong with it you should be the judge of that, But to do your work in some one else behalf , to do your own work will not be fair. It is good to get instructions and tips how to?, And Perhaps a Sketch to make you Understand, but in the same manner afterward' You should expand as self in to your own creative Journey". Yet some might follow genre' or a certain Artist because they feel they are connected in certain way".