Friday, December 30, 2011

Chocolate inspiration and New ACEOS for 2011-2012




Taking pictures a discovered hobby, My passion for food, red color and all things hand made, all about colors, and the reaction, Noticed that photographs that add warmth and a moment are rather the must popular. Not to mention, food photographs, but photos it self don’t mean much, unless you make it personal. Getting a glimpse of what your life looks like in the outside. There you can see flaws as well as personality. How red in a photo definitely adds that warmth and you expose the moment as well. Whereas red in a painting, can consume everything else, and inevitably becomes the center of attention.

The photos taken, with solid colors specially on the background. Aiming always to awaken that which is creativity, happiness, sadness or anything else at that moment, you can say, oh I can do better than that!  My purpose to action… to make you create, take photos, admire nature and continue playing with your imagination.

Here are some of the recent ACEOS all available on My E bay world, signed originals, the product of coffee and chocolate which are also favorite subjects.  All having the same color scheme, sort of like a mixed latte, some mint and  berries, to create them, colors like burnt sienna and ambers from Sennelier where used, also some Granulation medium for some of them to add texture.


Watercolor 2.5” by 3.5” 


Watercolor and Pen 2.5” by 3.5”


Watercolors 2.5” by 3.5”

Monday, December 19, 2011

I got this!… My experience an Artist working from home


Working from Home

The day that it was decided, to work from home, it was the joy of My life!, preparing everything else for the next move was easy, all I had to do is take over the computer, which was at 2 steps away from me, having total access to the kitchen, Coffee ready at 7:00am, Home based business is Ideal,  heard so many great things about it! not to mention, painting right in my living room, it is not like is strange at all.

The reality,  If for you, sound like dreams come true, that is how it sounds for everyone else! including your family and friends.  My office is right in the living room, Family will see you there 24/7 available and will expect you to be there!. Now, they learned ever since, there’s an imaginary door!

This topic sound familiar, to understand what goes on behind close doors in a home based business, wile also managing family and other responsibilities. Because working from home sometimes sounds, so easy!. There is an increase, in this economy, many  choosing to do a home based business, and not necessarily are, Artists. 

The transition wasn’t easy, Having three children with different school schedules, specially with my 4 year old that at that time, was at home until 12:00 pm. For children is not easy to understand mommy is working, seeing other friends moms, with, uniforms or  briefcases?.. Wile Mom, on the other hand, Says  Hey I’m working, with a brush on her hand! that is the reality of it, and it must be told.

The first thing I did, was talked to my husband about it, knew that in order for this to work, we must be at the same page. Although it took some time to understand, on days off  when he said, Lets go watch this movie! I did not move. 

Working from home can take a lot out of in any relationship, and you must work out a system for it to work, More experienced, understand that to work around being flexible, and definitely takes both to comply.  Work a schedule around and make sure to be balanced, setting more realistic goals as well. This will come in time,  After my husband, We both sat down and explained to the children what was going on, They all looked at me, like of course your painting, that’s fun work!

Credibility is a must, and this goes for everything else, even experienced business people give them selves, two years to prove if a business is going to work or not, and telling people, Hey I paint and I am home!,does not sound credible at all, it sounds like is all about, having something to do, or being bored and staying at home.  Specially, when they have to go out to get their means. Now must get serious about it, get more involved than that, It was rather difficult for me, since having other things in mind, and definitely, for a second not having to see the benefits of staying at home and work.  Also an artist, already being home painting.

Sometimes Artists we don’t see what we do, Our crafts as a supplemental or serious mean of income, and this happened to me and yes, it was a struggle. How to get paid?  for what is consider a natural way, like breathing.

Now, when referring to what I am doing, it sounds more like,  Yes I am working from home, using the computer as a business, there, I am also networking, online customer service, and here is my shipping, that is where you see all those envelopes and boxes from my inventory, Because that is what your are really doing.  After it…I’ve convinced my self,  I’ve told everyone else, The school teachers, The bus lady, the neighbors dog, My mother!!, All My friends and still do. 

This is where a schedule is a must, My schedule is my friend and it will be for ever!, if there’s appointments or other things to do specially with the children, Must learn to put work around it, take your time to do it.

Treat your home office like what it is, You don’t just take off and leave everything in there, and go and do other things that to you seem more important, Just like you won’t do that in a Job. You stay there, and finish your work. Your place is kept clean and organized. I don’t have a very shinny all great place, I work in a small corner, where you see panels that are cut to size for my watercolors laid in vertical, around the walls, My easel is there too, and paintings are covered from dust and children.  When I am not working, The  paintings are hanged in different stages of work and progress, and when not, I make sure they go in to a secure place and displayed properly.  It is important to give respect to your work, as well. I get up early, to do my work and yes I am dressed, clean, hair is combed, make sure to be representable, It is good for you, healthy habits and creates good self esteem.  Makeup is not necessary but, When out the door, to do my shipping or anything else, make sure to look your best, because, You are representing self. Make sure everything is organized and clean up after work, of course, sometimes working with paper, or small size paintings there’s always going to be some type of mess, specially shipping, and having little one’s around,  but make sure, You make time and pick up.  

Work schedule and organizing

You should create an good schedule that works with and for you,  mine is 9:00 am to exactly 5:00 pm taking two breaks, and you will actually see me, exactly around 3:00 pm online, because that is when I take a break, from everything else. To be specific, wile on the computer, the laundry is being done, so is the house chores, cleaning, everything. You must do your part, in order to work. After that, I make sure lunch is prepared and then dinner. I work fast, in doing all this things, but they are done well, The day goes fast, and sometimes it goes by hours, but not mechanical, and not necessarily in an order either, so every day there is room for flexibility.

 What happens when things don’t go as planned?

During the weekdays.There is however days, that work does occupies must of my time, or when a family member gets sick or my self or work inevitably takes after hours, perhaps things just went wrong, I make sure, to get ready frozen, healthy, foods, and If for any reason I must stop, then, I take a breather and do so.  Sometimes wile out to do food shopping or errands  the phone comes in handy, which is used to work as well. My early walks/runs. When meeting or with friends, I make sure the phone is kept on vibrate, and stepped outside to deal with business, never in front of a friend, or in a personal meeting, or wile having a conversation with some one, Your priority and good customer service as well, is the person in front of you, not in the phone, never brag about business, or talk about your customers. Don’t take over, those breaks or abuse of them. Because after exactly 5:00pm Job should be done, and If taken more time for other things, this will jeopardize schedule. That is where balance comes in handy.

Also because is Homework time, I give the children 1-2 hour to get them selves ready and rested. Later on during the night when everything is settle… and dinner has being done,… whom I’m I kidding? people with large families, know that is not true!.But we must do our best! I go a head and prepare everything else, including, dinner,for the next day.

The truth is that working from home, could be as exhausting and stressful sometimes, and might require more of your time if not careful.  But still it does gets high pays offs! Like the fact that wile posting in this blog, on the other hand I am earning, completely certain that, I live a better much happier life because of my rewards which comes in as productivity, I make sure to be there for my family, no exceptions! I don’t deal with co workers.  My co worker is my dog, Cassey and she does not complaints, she’s a sweetheart, and is happy with a can of Alpo. My business meetings are with her in the backyard, wile she chases the squirrels, this gives more time, to relax, as a reward and pay off then comes… more productivity! I get more time to smile and have a healthy attitude about Art.  I’ve saved more money, with not having to commute in the mornings and not paying a babysitter, leaving me with a low key lifestyle, simple. yes, I do live, however a modest life, but HAPPY!

Working hours.  Sometimes, is hard to explain that working hours are just working hours, specially with brush in one hand. And sometimes theirs no possible long chats over the phone, and their can’t be no interruptions, or long time for TV, specially when painting, and during the weekends, I am actually working harder.  Fridays are for inventory, making sure All shipping are done, and getting everything else ready for the next week. This is when all the children are home.

After all, all this by no means would be possible if I didn’t had the help of my family, that includes my children, who tell everyone, My mother is working can you keep it down, or come back in another time, and gladly accept not to interrupt me, during work time and My husband who accepts our home to look like a storage, and has being tolerant enough, when visitors asked about our strange not so Feng Shue home.

I’ve also would like to thank my angel investors, whom have being there for me, and those whom with their words, are constantly reminding me, I am human, and encouraging me to continue. I am able to do this because of them!. I’ve truly invite you, to learn more about us Artist. Now, no matter what type of work you do.  I am happy to let you know, that also in order to succeed, you Must Love what you do.

Because working from home inevitable will require for you to be there for people regardless, When you Love what you do, and asked for a favor, You will be able to say Sure,

I GOT THIS!!… quote: George Lopes. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh la la~ chocolate truffle oil painting





Oil Painting on Canvas Panel 5'” by 7”

Fascinated with the luminous colors and highlights that the brush leaves in to the canvas. Now need to figure out, and unwrap this!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art is also one of the best chicken soups for the soul



How to miniature works

“Ideas don’t come out of no where” there's always something that pushed you to do your work, often I too learn from others, about what they do and their different ideas.   This video, tips and tricks with different ideas on how to work in small miniatures, that you can also apply to your bigger paintings!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Between the lines and Leonardo




Miniature 2.5” by 3.5”

Awesome week a head, presented the new art prints, and for the first time did a series of sketches with just ink.

This one is a very special one, from Leonardo Da vinci  who’s amazing skill is incomparable. Took note at the master interesting miniature sketches…

oil painting sketch




Working with thick paint straight from the tube, when sketching.

  Her memory lives trough my paintings. So proud of this little sketch, done in a 8” by 10” canvas panel.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oil painting figure nude




Size is 8” by 10”  Oil on canvas panel

The bristle is done away with… and now  sit and stare, analyze it, and come to conclusions, mind feels uneasy with it, but then again never satisfied, it was worth the wait I say, it is worth to not only do this painting in a small scale, but in a bigger size with all it’s details the same pose, perhaps a different model, now, my own version, how that sounds? 

I’ve taken my liberties with this one, and applied less shadows, change the hands position, less details on the mouth didn’t paid no mind to the “apple” rather make it an type of thing, or perhaps an pomegranate. Took note “emphasis” on her satisfied self, that the original artist wanted to convey, she seems like nothing is going to happen, innocent and cynical, that is just me..too much thinking.

Now to get more materials, to study my sketches, and continue…. to paint.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oil painting figure portrait




Oil painting Repro 8” by 10” painting progress…


Painting is passion, an obsession, rewarding feeling like no other, there's a moment before painting the hearts accelerates like expecting a great reward, the urges of picking up the brush and exhaust it all…   To give it all and everything, until… nothing matters, but the selfish desire of completing...

Early quiet morning all  you can hear is that sound, the brush makes in to the canvas…silent of the walls, coldness in your hands.  The bristles making that sound, again, grasp…,pick.., scrub…and with each stroke, your head tilts,  you realize this is passion your obsession,  you are working so hard for, the love of  Art. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still life sketch oil painting turnip




Albert’s Farms”

Size is 8” by 10” on a canvas panel,  having fun with this fall colors.  Some of the reds and oranges from the trees. 15 minute sketch.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Original Art ACEO miniature Still life chocolate



Miniature Oil  painting 2.5” by 3.5”

Savoring those moments where all things miniature comes to mind.

Chocolate came a long” directly from secret stash! sweet as it can be… unwrapped in a smooth but creamy center… and there you have it …

Friday, October 28, 2011

Art original watercolor flower painting



Titled: “Rojo'”


It’s being a wile since we don’t do a process blog or a live demo, decided to do this one because is important specially dealing with reds in watercolors, good for someone new to the medium and serves as a  reminder.

But first, what does a brand new clean sheet of watercolor paper means? It means planning, plotting and more planning, specially now that materials are so costly,  can’t Imagine starting in watercolors and having to ruin a sheet every single time this is of course, if you are using professional materials.  If you like, a good resistant watercolor paper that can withstand the horrors, puddles, picking up and scrubs of a “master in progress”  good watercolor papers will be 140lb  Fabriano Artistico, Arches, and Canson Montvall.  If you think got a long way with watercolors, Strathmore will do the  job, lately Strathmore has come out with beautiful sheets of good professional quality watercolor paper, mainly comes in a pack that you can also use for practice,  if you prefer. 

Does  materials matter? Yes and No, you probably where expecting a better answer, but the matter of fact is that, I’ve found that when using student grade materials often had to use more quantity of paint as well as the brushes, kinda left me hanging, not to mention the paper was done over by the third “puddle”, but they are necessary, specially for practice.  Notice also I’ve mention “puddle”  this is frankly what comes out when we first start with the medium.  This means patience is key and practice.

Now, What advantages do you get when using professional materials? Durability and better pigmentation, good quality watercolors paint survive a long time and the brushes as well, this means that perhaps you might need a little more change for your materials. But it will be worth it!  Does professional materials helps the artwork look or come out as in better?   That is a tricky question because there’s so many paintings in my experience, that have being done with professional materials yet there’s no remedy. So again this has to do with your own hands on training not necessarily the materials… in other words, will be just a good quality puddle.  By the way you should keep those, with in time you can see your own progress.

When mixing watercolor  red paints, does it matter? yes it does, Good watercolorists  must be acquaintance with the type of paints we are using, for example is it transparent, staining or non staining? for us to get to know the properties even if is in the label, is good to do a paper test prior to use, majority of watercolor companies have theirs already for your viewing, yet, you should always do your own test with the type of paper your using.


Red on Reds on Reds. This means that the painting was layered  from start to finish with different red colors, first transparent, then adding the staining little by little, letting it dry in intervals but not completely. As the example, you can see how red was used and where medium or dark  where need it, a mixture of blue and red was added, to give strength to the next layer, also note where  darkest shadows where need it, a staining color was added, this helps with time.

Can you achieve the same by a direct approach? The purpose of  layers in my case is for the colors to overlap, this makes it as unique, also helps with transparency in some of the colors and light, you must remember that an important aspect of watercolor painting is light. 

Hope, we can continue exploring the world of watercolors and other mediums together, this is the technical part of the red drape.  Yet for me the must important is for you to learn, to be and have patience with your self, to continue progressing and painting.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Original ACEO Art rooster


My favorite ACEO for this week is of a rooster with a peculiar character, and realistic eyes.

Titled “handsome”


The ACEO was made from dark to light as the entire canvas was covered, highlight's where last to be applied.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oil Painting Flowers and Bird

Finished painting 24" by 36"

Oil painting flowers and bird


work in progress

Oil painting progress

Painting size is 24” by 36”  made in oils using the technique Italian term  “Alla prima” also known as  wet in to wet.

History about Artwork: This painting is a dream not long ago where, established and plotted different ideas, the blue jay is a bird that in repeated occasions has  being seeing all over  along with the red cardinal.

Please note:this painting has of course an exaggerated flower, and a calm peaceful sky ~ and it will be titled “Hope” or “The gift of”…not sure yet … on the mean time is my greatest pleasure to show you part of the process.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Original Oil painting miniature ACEO

Titled: “Green Eyes”
Thought on blogging about My story, about Why I paint?  to do a video blog about it, but then again who would want to hear?  That wile I was breast feeding with one hand… the other one was drawing and painting…..
The  ACEOS go by theme, what interest me in the morning since I first put my pen on paper, was it a face? that song…, So they are in fact very important is my life, glimpse of the reality. Yesterday, the (dog) Cassie saw a wild cat, she barked and barked… but then again she is scared of the vacuum, funny huh?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oil Portrait process



 With an accurate color scheme the process becomes much easier, If is possible doing skin tests on the palette until you get the right mixture. Remember that you are not only doing a portrait, but a human being.  It is also important to record which colors where combined to utilize in the portrait since not everyone has the same skin tone.



For this portrait we started with a simple sketch with burnt sienna, burnt umber a little mixture of yellow ochre. This is just for the preliminary sketch with out measuring and adding, in this portrait the face factions are done later on, everything goes by view of the muscle instead and of course relying  heavily in the measurements of the human head or  better say anatomy. 


 When it comes to eyes, think open orbit, the bones, muscles and  inside the eyes, their texture,  remember the softness, with out forgetting eye lids, not to miss the shadow when it comes to the muscle, remember  the out side light and how it reflects, jumps from your eye back to the object and from the object back…. 

This is just the technical part of making a portrait a little information. Because  I know repetition is important, as well as passion for sharing, teaching and learning to progress,  this is all  practice and error so it is, we continue painting, pushing the brush for our sake, because we need to…


Painting coming a long  and drying wile at it…. time to start another watercolor.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still Life Oil Painting progress



I like to introduce you to a new oil painting.  Still Life in Oils 12” by 12”  and for the obvious playing with the background which is painted simultaneously with the still life, aiming for texture and a good color scheme letting it rest or stepping back .   

Working from photographs, but ahh que mas da, tengo que jugar con lo que esta a mi alcance en el momento si al verlo te hace feliz, lo demas no importa~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ACEO Oil Painting


Noticed how is taking form, but still not satisfied it has a long way to go in my opinion, letting it dry, and continue working with others.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oil painting ACEO


2011 251

For the past days doing a series of sketches, this painting is one of my favorites,  currently working on.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Original oil painting sketch roses


Titled “timid”


Today a beautiful day and sunny! this bouquet of roses flowers from my neighbors yard. Hard to resist a decision had to be made.  Sketched under the sun, noticed they are huge like peonias* but with less petals…

The beautiful pink colors still can’t be mimic by paint. Holding the brush straight as if a charcoal and giving a straight forward response with the brush to mimic form… and there you have it!

The painting measures about 7” by 8”  drying happily at the moment .

This is the song that inspired the process… hope you enjoy!

remember to continue creating!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oil painting male nude sketch

It's being a Great Monday the weather is changing with a beautiful cool breeze, the leaves changing colors a true inspiration for any artist! it is the time where many of us drag our palettes out and about, stuffing zip lock bags and getting our outdoor gear together and that includes a hat, getting ready for our expedition, let's not forget off spray! not necessarily in that order, that's how it goes for mua at least.

But landscapes a side here is why and the main reason for this post, my next miniature reproduction oil painting male nude on a standing pose. It is still to early to talk about colors at this point and or any other technique.  I'm finding it harder to deal with the bristle since is not natural and my color palette is getting limited, noticed that? I need more paint!. Any ways on the mean time,concentrating in being able to finish  as calm as possible as long my health permits and keep the same or similar colors to the original.

Oil painting two women


“on the Atsion lake”


Say yes to random! see what else is there in your reference photos?  There is a vast potential for more than just one painting in one single photo, action painting is a way of keeping your mind, fresh and full of ideas. 

For this painting Anders Zorn came back to mind a master in completing he's figures with a limited palette  and whom I’ve had the pleasure to study for the past several years. The randomness in action of  must of he’s nudes figures gave me the zing to try this one out, abstracting as much as possible every trace of detail.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oil painting landscape


Miniature Oil sketch painting landscape


Today wile running errands took a second look at the same spot behind the nearby department store. This beautiful Idea came up wile the image was still fresh in mind, allowing to be painted from memory and with freedom to do some changes with out relying in a reference photo or camera.

The purpose also record the end of summer, wile the trees are in full green and the sky looks like if it never rained.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ACEO Original Watercolor Painting





The little miniature is an ACEO of a girl playing in the sand, original measures exactly 2.5” by 3.5” made in watercolors , you can see movement  and the shadows, realistic look of wet sand, that can be only achieved in watercolors. Lights where left white from the paper.

Paint rare moments and bring a smile, We must continue painting ~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kenneth 30 Rock Watercolor Portrait



It has being a very intense week for must of us, to loosen up a little…  what better way than to combine painting and good sense of humor… The World Through Kenneth’s eyes

The  portrait measures about 4” by 7” using the color blue combined to give strength in the shadows.


a little to the left please…. perfect, more blue for you!

Watercolor size about  3” by 4” some gouache was then used to reinforced the highlights.


Here is a clip for your view found on YouTube.

The World Through Kenneth’s eyes

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Portrait painting Marilyn Monroe


Titled: The way you… remember me




Made in 140lb  watercolor paper  about 12” by 18”  The time spent on this painting is worth it, standing proud on the canvas with a realistic look an inviting pose, happy to be able and share it.

please note: camera muted some of the colors, the shot was then taken in a slanted angle.

Wile working on miniatures, other watercolors that need touchups and rework

Here is Young the Giant- My Body

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

watercolor flower painting poppy




Watercolor flower poppy 22” by 30” 

The  goal for this one was to incorporate  movement with in the flower by adding extra petals, abstraction and form combined with high color loaded with energy and intensity, the flower was positioned off center for a better view.

But not all this is just mainly technical there’s a lot of feelings in to them, painting just to paint…don’t think so… But painting with feelings, good energy, perhaps memories or conversations… makes it more interesting.

~The artist in a room full of people he or she is the one in a corner making notes, sketching and observing… everything is interesting an never boring.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oil painting beach girl




Heavy textured oil painting of a girl sun bathing at the beach on a canvas panel, the sketch is 8” by 10” incorporating different objects to make this an interesting piece, having fun with the bristles and the use of a painting knife for some areas. Painting is happy, drying at the moment.

Hope you are having fun this summer!

and the song goes… she had an… itsie bitsie …..

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oil painting study



Bailando tango

The not so simple task of composition in a developing  painting, some come out as paintings some don’t make it… but the idea is passed on to the next, at the moment re arrange or positioning the figures in the case of the sketch, 9” by 8” how both subjects interact with each other is important.  The idea for the next oil painting.  After, the 20” watercolor is finished, put on hold for the past weeks since my health being on a storm.


Explaining in details  the technical part of painting is important, gives an idea to the viewer about the research, time dedicated and value. 




Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watercolor flower painting Iris

Titled "unnoticed"

Watercolor flower painting Wild Iris and painting process

  When encounter with  the flower seems not interesting,  but once you get closer you start noticing the extravagant design, growing unnoticed by must visitors, this beautiful wild iris is no more than 3 to 4 inches in size but packed with details, resembles almost an orchid with less texture. 

The flowers veins inside are black and the petals are pale yellow with a touch of orange, the inside is very pale almost white...The first sketch was made.

Taking notes along the way, noticed also how the bud grows from inside and once the flower starts to wilt, the color changes to an almost dark purple tone.   This flower is so complicated that  it is not over. 

The flower grows wild around the rim of the park can see it sprout in the midst of summer, the inside was changed to a bearded instead.
Careful study and research should not be taken slightly, in the process of learning no shortcuts are allowed.
For the painting: The watercolor paper was submerged various times in water then the first layers of watercolor where applied, once the color is poured you start seeing what it looks like a form and shape.
  It is fun, because you often don't know what's next, once color is applied then is lifted up,  adding alcohol for interesting shapes and contrast.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oil Painting Portrait and video


Portrait of a young women in Oils


With this portrait, the disadvantage was time. The good thing in my opinion is that despite of the risks taken the results are favorable, in the process of making the painting, the eyes view was changed several times from eyes looking down,closed to open. (glad wasn’t ruined)    

Oil Painting Portrait by Vargas

It is important to continue, nothing gives more satisfaction than learning, experimenting and continue pushing your self. For this portrait, the larger strokes where used to define the face, hiding shadow within the background.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Watercolour painting female nude ACEO




This ACEO is one of my favorites for the day. The Painting was developed  wet in to wet rather than a direct approach, working fast. Immediately going to the darkest dark developed with just pigment. Not undermining the understanding of muscle, bone movement underneath the skin and it’s ligaments.  

To give strength to the darks a combination of purple, blue and green was used. Skin tones since the darkest to the lightest in the light reflects many colors, as an exercise to learn how to see light in the skin with different eyes, when you see light coming from a window put your hand and see the transparency that your skin has against the sun.

Oil flower painting work in progress



The painting size 16” by 20” on canvas, is going in to stages at the moment,  just lay down the colors that would be played by other layers of other colors, going with the flow with this one, not planning  to much, time does not allowed it.  The background being a busy one, follow to remedy with centering the flower. Some of the leaves are flowing in a circular motion to help the view.  Eventually will add more flowers around, will see if it works. On the meant time here is the  work in progress. 

Cuando comienza uno con una pintura, pensar mucho en como va hacer el resultado resulta un poco presuntuoso, Creo que las sorpresas y el invento ejercita el cerebro.  Por eso el preocuparme en conectar la pintura no es importante en este momento. De los errores es que se aprende. El movimiento entre las ramas y las hojas de la planta dan el suficiente efecto visual.  Hasta ahora, es lo unico planeado hasta este momento.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo New Image on Galleries and Social Media site





Why? people like to see with whom they are talking, chatting, smiling, dealing and  agreeing with, that is why every year we spent so much on different gadgets to helps us achieve  better communication.  Pay close attention, This is why your Bio. should be also a continuation of you and your motives, everything should be truthful.  Never deviate, always respect and treat others cordially, engage in conversations and take interest in others. No matter how much experience you have, let others express themselves. Lets go a little further with this topic, in a person to person conversation, Will it be easy to continue if they couldn’t see each other in the face? Not really, it will be uncomfortable, and trust is out of the question.

In business as with any other relations all are cultivated by communication. For it to grow it needs to have exchange of knowledge, trust, mutual respect, not seeing yourself bigger than or better, on the contrary doing everything to help.   That is why is recommended that you have the same picture in all your websites. Because you are not communicating person to person, but using a third party. Your Image is important.

face reference is important,  to your Art and for your Brand.

Polish your image is important, But if you change it constantly, makes you inconsistent, in other words, turns off, this topic should  not be taken slightly. Specially if your serious about promoting your self and your art. People should be able to recognize you and pin point your work.

If you are serious in building and Image, Your Art should match your face. This means that if you paint in a certain style that is serious, you won’t put flashy colors or look all wacky on your picture. If you are an Artist, you should definitely take a photo with your artwork by your side. Please note: Not that everything should go according to looks, looks are irrelevant here. The must important part should be your work.

All this information is provided to you trough experience, as I’ve become older have encounter many that have helped me to become whom I am today.  For that I’m absolutely grateful. Their advice, recommendations, even sometimes giving me a pull of the ear or two.   Learning the hard way, this means experimenting on a trial and error mode. 

For that I’ve encourage you to also do your research.

The internet can serve you in so many ways, it is in fact doing what was purposely invented for, to give information, massive resources out there". Many giving free information to help others out. If you use the net to establish your small business, use your time well spent for,  and wisely.

There's nothing wrong with using the internet to your advantage. But in my humble opinion, nothing compares as having a cup of tea or coffee with a real person on a face to face meeting.  This should be your priority when establishing your self as an Artist.