Monday, November 25, 2013

New Artwork Oil painting Landscape "The South" Original hand made on canvas

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Abstract Art Original Modern on Canvas "Rouge"

New Abstract Art Original Modern on Canvas 16" by 20" 


The history about the work,: The use of cosmetics and the different grounds to make it, Rouge for cheeks comes in powder form or pastes, glossy and can also be mixed,  just like in paints, also  has a chemical compound, say to make it stay longer or to give a natural complexion to work better with the skin,  Hope you enjoy the work, which was created with that concept in mind giving natural form to a composition.

This is my new Original painting tittled:  "Rouge" here is a small link that will direct you to the work , in eBay, its easier to introduce work on auction this way, although the more important thing is to introduce the work rather,  for this one, the experimentation of textures and grounds came to play, the use of soap and foam, the use of different pastes all incorporated to give a natural design and natural form on a canvas. 

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Abstract painting Original Art New

Abstract painting "My Life"

This is my life, like watching the TV after 12:00 am.  remember? that's how it felt... with all it carries my pains, my gains, my sorrows, in each line my story, this is the only thing that... came out of me, wile I kneel and cried  each line, done with pain in my chest the worst pain you could find the worst kind of sorrow as in with death.

It's okay to die, it's okay to live again and to gain strength! for now on.. this is my story, because...I know I've been rescued out from the pit and have been saved again, from whom tried to kill my art and must importantly my life.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo taken of Art miniature titled: "Best friends"
made in oils, measures 2.5" by 3.5" Art Card on canvas paper,

One of my favorite works, titled: "No play no game" it will be displayed here later on,  it's about the importance to rest and give our selves time, the importance to play, to write, to walk, to run, because an cranky artist is not very happy and hence creativity flow, won't go trough.

Artist after all, yes we are indeed selfish in that matter, if we can't draw we become constipated emotionally and we can't think straight, we get depressed, we don't function, we don't react like others do, I'm sorry we  just don't, so the way to be happy and be better is by letting us do what we should, which is to paint!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mary Vargas | Gallery | Artist Portfolio |

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Conversing with a friend, she told me sometimes it is hard to find a place for the artworks bought, or simply the work doesn't go with a specific decor, so thought hmmmmm, What if you can print them and make them in to cards for your friends or as a gifts? even more...What if you can print it on a phone case? This idea of  art prints have been going on for a while, but of course finding a resourceful and trustful website  was a must. 

Sometimes because of time or pesos ...buying the original pieces is not possible, With an Art print you can customize it to your liking or sizes, and find interesting ways to show case your art. . This is and awesome opportunity to support other artist as well.

Print them on to anything, ordering your own prints at a lower cost. 

My experience online has thought  me  the possibilities are endless when it comes to Art. 

Your Welcome! Stop by and say hello

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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Watercolor rose simple sketch painting


Watercolor Flower simple sketch rose painting 9 in  by 12 in


Titled: "Vintage a rose"

Simple watercolor sketch of a flower, used a simple approach, to start, you may need a number 3 bold, you can either use a graph or a tracer if you like,  The watercolors are diluted once applied in the paper on a dry surface and then dragged in with a second brush. The aim for this one was to apply shadow in the middle and extend to the rest of the background, it gives more flow, and even if is two subjects rather than one, using a triangular setting works well... it is important to know the basics.
Even though this is the practical part of a painting, I think is important to tell the history behind what we do, life's lessons on seeing beyond of what is in front of us and concentrating in what really matters, I'm starting to see the work growing  and been less controlling just letting it be...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Watercolor paintings, sketch live model session March

Watercolor sketches and the finished paintings. 

Live session Model resting pose 40 min and 10 min painting , "Tori Afternoon nap"  study sketch for color schemes, pears still life. 

Size 10 in by 14 in 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Original Watercolor paintings, humming birds on new paper fluid a quick review



1st painting on watercolor Fluid Paper Wet in to Wet on the background, and on the bird’s chest, light wash on the bottom part a color scheme of oranges and yellows. The only thing ~ some broccoli effect, when using a lot of water, which I love, also noticed though the water washes need to be controlled, the paper goes back to its size and is already made in a block for you.

Titled: “Waiting”


The  new paper called fluid watercolor paper, is an acid free cold press finish, I am using 140lb not sure if the company has 300lb yet, but I see a great tool for all of us who dap in watercolors. The surface is smooth and allows you to pick up even, darker pigments or opaque, used a variety of techniques, like scratching, water dropping, lifting and color scheme to see transparency and opacity, and its has stand the abuse, I am posting the recent paintings done in this paper for you to view and compare.

Painting 2 Color scheme of blues, for this painting a dry in to wet technique was used and the background was made in wet in to wet. The white of the paper seem to  make a smooth transition between the watercolor, creating an dimension on the two, this is great for action paintings like in the bird. A must, for on the go quick sketch paintings.

Titled: “Free”

hummingbird free

The sizing is smaller than other traditional watercolor papers, so it makes it feel like in between cold and hot press, the price is a joke compared with what the paper promise, and I am very happy to give a good review about an all made American watercolor paper. 

3rd painting The lifting technique on a wet in to wet. The lines are made with a dry brush as you can see in the bottom part.

Titled: “The sideline”



4th painting A combination of all, wet in to wet, scrubbing, dry in to wet, and leaving the paper white to convey action.

Titled: “Landing” 


Friday, February 1, 2013

Oil Painting on Canvas panel Girl Holding Bear



Titled: “protecting my child”



The phycology  part of painting is like a child, and you must nurture and protect, keep it safe, entertained and rewarded, the happier your child is, the more productive, you are as an artist!



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Original New Oil Painting Still Life Lemons on Canvas Panel




Titled: “Lemons in Red”



The use of analogous color in your paintings, like in the case of this still life, is perfect for those beginning or more experienced in painting, you can create the feeling of a  variety of color with just a few.  When creating your paintings, you will have a better understanding of color and it’s relationship with each other.

Using a limited palette is not only great to do practice in oils or any medium but will train your eye as well. The still life, the lemons even tho part of the artwork are not the main subject but the background, used a combination of impressionism and abstract to make a relationship between the old and the modern.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Original Oil Painting Giraffe






Artwork measures 16” by 20”


The artwork symbolizes all that is Art and love, there's a special child in each and every one of us artist, that makes you continue moving forward, where there's happiness, despite whatever opposition you encounter in your life or sorrow, that child that loves to dap in paint and continue to love nature as well as people, the child that sees the world full of wonder and beauty, that does not seek competition, but laughs and shares it with many friends, cheers them up as well,  the giraffe is friendly and beautiful, some spots are made of cooper, light ochre and Vandyke brown.  A lot of earthly tones, the artwork even though looks decorative at the same time, tells you a story, this time, endurance, love and perseverance, You the viewer can embark in an adventure wile looking at it, and that was the aim, ass well a 3 d effect that pushes the artwork forward as it is done with some of the other artworks.  Hope it brings a smile to you, good memories and happiness!

Artist for my inspiration?


van Dyck

African folklore

and Naya