Thursday, March 31, 2011

Understanding New Art Work


So much that we can say about our brush strokes that goes in to the canvas like single phrases of pure poetry, the music, the love, enchanting laughs of mistakes and no no’s, but we continue… for the Art and for our sake and so forth. But what are we really portraying?   This might not be as pretty as it looks, to understand a painting or artwork can take an entire different meaning for us. I thought it was fair to explain this painting because it is about time.  It is important to do this and it will be easier for the viewer, gives more value and heaviness to your paintings as well.

A resent visit, told me that it was amazing once the painting was explained to them, this was in the case of the artwork  titled conception in which it is representing Cycle of Life, when I told them the flower is pregnant, if you look closer… and point out… it is carrying a fetus, the artwork became serious, and enticing to them, I felt it was my responsibility to give them the (representational) meaning. The artwork  has many other connections, but after that, became something to appreciate more and admire.

New Artwork on Hot Press Watercolor Paper.


 Now about New Artwork, we must also understand that is still early we are also finding our selves in a painting, I am in the mode of stepping back and asking, what is the next step?~ The next step can take weeks or perhaps minutes, don’t precisely know this, but so far will explain some of it as much as I can.

  The black background on the right, since I am a right sided painter it means mystery, death, the subtle, unknown, creativity itself, but if you look the entire painting can be read from right to left as well .  The black sugar cup, jar or bowl it also represents the same, sort of like a box of Pandora. you can see it is not opened.   All of my works are representing of something… that is going on around, I also include other things : For example , War, famines, disloyalty, Jealousy, etc…that you can tell by my obvious use of colors and the disconnected patterns.

  But since despite what is going on… I know there’s still good and beauty that is how the entire picture connects. Making a strong statement about your Art should be important to you.   In my case,  must important is the skill, that  endurance, trial and error, that we must go trough, regardless if the artwork it is liken by us others or not.  The purpose also of giving a chance to elevate the medium value~ which is Watercolors. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art, Music, Stories… and Encouragement


A simple Story…

A friend of mine whom I’ve known since we where in high school, now a proud mom of 2 girls and an excellent Baker,  Told me a simple story about her then 2 years old daughter. While one of her cakes was cooling off’ the little girl stuck the finger in the frosting. Mom asked, what are you doing? The little Girl answered: I want to, I had to, I had to!  Licking her fingers off, With such proudness, You know the first reaction you get when a child does that...

  Continuing on that thought, and I know it comes from a 2 year old, but if we get that same attitude when it comes to what We have to do. It shows a bit of a rebellious attitude, but must importantly determination. Always asking and why not?  The lesson is, being determined, taking action, commit to it, and learning.  You like Art? You want to do it?, Now,  you have taking all the steps to pursue it,  You see how everything just “simply connects”.… Yet, you have put it a side, thinking is not your call, because concerns… and perhaps afraid to take a leap.

  Not everyone, of course is all “crazy” and jumps head first, like some one “I know very well” and yes, it is not easy. But nothing that is good for you, is easy to do, good things take time, sometimes longer than we wanted to, patience is key,  and it is also how we learn, looking ten years back on my own experience I had all the excuses…one of them? being a young mom, with three small children, even so,  couldn’t be more clear in my face everything I liked to do, had to do with Creating. Hours ends… sharpening pencils, long nights with out sleep… sketching everyday”

   “Imagine the face of my mentor and whom I owe an big apology.  After a year or more… I said, wanting to be a “Hairdresser” because it was a “safer way to gain income”  wile One Day, prior to do an extravagant Hair cut with layers and different mix of colors, on that same moment…  I took my sketch book out… and sketched that Hair Cut, looked at the page and my heart saddened… saying  to self, Mary.., what is this that you are doing?

Now in  a “survival” mode and determined.  Exactly September 11, 2009,  made a commitment  To change my view towards what was art…and artists.   Determined first to Change, and now,  doing everything possible in my power to sustain that.  Not only My self but those whom are pursuing this carrier, and know very well how hard it is.  So If you like what you are doing, you have what it takes to continue, and it is possible for you,  Just  Do it!  Why? Because you had to!, You Have to!, You Want to!.  It is such determination that brings you forth and strong.

Recently  told a friend of mine, well… The Blog has recipes that is one of my favorite  hobbies, and Gardening  blessed with a  super green thumb!,  then again, all relates to working with hands, and it is used to unclogged, it is repetition that makes your mind and inspiration flow.  So the Blog wouldn’t stop being what it is, actually,  want that to be seen purposely,  because it is How we learn and Yes, Change is good.  But now, to give importance to the Main course, which is Art,  and whom I am,  an Artist and to those whom are doing the same, my friends.

  The two would meet again in the future, nevertheless in what would be called  my “First”  Real Show, where ought to have the best mignon wrapped in bacon that you would ever taste.  and yes, there will be vegan food too.  But in my case in my first.   I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t the time.  Hope this experience helps you realize something, and give you a different attitude a positive one.  Because Giving is the must rewarding Gift,  here are  this words to you.


music video by cold play performing clocks © Emi Records Via- You Tube VeVo 

You are..Awesome you are… Unique, You are… Beautiful, Your creativity flows out of your pores, You are… loved, You are Art You are…


So you see what it is a change of attitude?, this two paintings  both excellent paintings.  but what I called off because of a wrong … 

Now presenting both,  Proud Because it shows my Roots beginnings as an Artist  and admiration.  one Sumie Art in Rice Paper 9” by 12and the other a 16” approximately in 140 Arques Watercolor Paper My Version After Sr. Russell Flint.


Sumi-e Ink  done in 2008  Roses and Bulbs Rice Paper.


For More Information and inspiration about Sumie Art please visit: or visit my friend Youtube Channel



After Russell Flint Watercolor Painting 2007 -2008


Monday, March 21, 2011

Oil Painting Tea Cup Rose and Bird




Holding on for so long with this little painting, thought on making justice today and finish it. Hope you enjoy the music…the camera angle is slanted, the idea was to bring up the lights as white as possible using paint straight from the tube.

Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now

Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now in concert at the BBC.
All the credits goes to the BBC  Via Youtube Ikkegp

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watercolor Sketch


 On the road saw this black birds picking up twigs or eating seeds, the beautiful contrast between them and the yellow green mass. Having the picture still fresh, got the watercolors and continued~

The sketch was born, carving each bird with a knife and using a plastic card to what it seems a white space left. Then a little voice came a long saying…

birds in yellow

Do not  let anyone disrupt you, from your Peace~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Art Work Still Life


strawberry painting M. Vargas

Small Miniature Oil Paintings.

green grapes

Simplify on brush strokes, working with a simple palette of primaries used to build both paintings, with respective cool and warm colors. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Art Work of Mary Harris




~On meeting some Great personalities in Twitter, particular note is taken on the young Artist and fellow Mary.  Mary Harris, name in Twitter is @MEH_art   inviting  you, to not only get to know her candid personality, but also her Art work,  She says inspiration comes from everywhere!  from random, photos, patterns, fellow artist as well as photography.

~Mary’s current Portrait works on Graphite shows you, how well executed and the beauty of the medium, doing so with a precise touch, remark and finesse, palpable on the paper.

Recently asked Mary a series of questions and one of them caught my attention and thought it will be important not only for the young, but also the more experienced like ones to read.

Mary, What would you like to accomplish in the near future or say to Young Artist?

  Her Answer, Don’t listen to negatives, If you want to be an Artist, put great interest and effort in it,  Keep your self surrounded with Positive people that can give you encouragement and help you trough out your Journey in your Art.

on added note on accomplish: ~To be Successful as in Art, not to focus Only on the basis of potential Income, but to make it because we Love what we do, We (You) Love Art! I know with great effort and a positive Attitude, You would definitely go further! 


For more information about Mary Harris Artworks, visit

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

The beginning of a New Portrait





thebeguining of a portrait.

Working on it now,  will be done by the end of the day.



Tonal etching dry brush in Oil on watercolor paper dry

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watercolor Painting Finished Yellow Clematis



Titled:  Golden Beauty



~Learn to See a bigger potential in different subjects no matter how small, like an Artists once said, Learn to  look at your subject with an different perspective learn to play with angles, and extract their essence.

For this Golden Beauty, the details where not of interest, but the white spaces in between to create a bounce effect or 3d effect on the plant, also the wet in to wet washes in the  fore background with different branches pulled out of it. Playing also with contrast leaving the whites to stand out in the painting.

The possibilities are endless using a clematis plant as an example, play with angles and shadows, this might just be the beginning of a new series.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Watercolor painting work in progress…


maryvargasclematis lazaro


Surprisingly the background is pulled out and what appears to be another Clematis is in fact just watercolor dropped simultaneously to do some form and shapes, working intuitively rather than, gives more room to work on, even on a busy background as this. 

The emphasis as well, was the use of masking fluid, which should be used more often. The first time the medium was used, was frustrating, because it ruined the brush, even cheap brushes, is absolutely no fun to see them ruined, not to mention saves your time.

Good rule of thumb before applying the masking fluid is to wet the brush in to a little painters soap which gives it a seal or coat as well as conditions your brush, This  saves the fluid from sticking to the  brush, make sure just to condition the brush with the painters soap or semi moist. Hope it gives you great results in your art work.

The picture is depicting where the masking fluid was need it, from thick to thin layers and the  brush strokes in the paper. The Watercolor Painting is drying at the moment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Watercolor Portrait by Jamie Berry



Artwork by Artist Jamie Berry Artist Writer and Creative

It is true, the Artist should turn to the Art and talk about it, shouldn’t also give credit to those doing the same? Well lets get to it!,  and today will present one of the most charismatic and Beautiful people met in Twitter @jamieberry   Making twitter much more than that, A base for long lasting connections with an array of Beautiful and Talented Artists.

Let’s talk for a second about Jamie Berry probably reading, smiling and nodding, because he is the must humanitarian and humble people you would ever meet.  He’s quest in he's figures performed in beautiful concentrated colors, in both factions threedimensional and Beauty as you see in the example above.  

Hope you can also meet Jamie, He’s writing, poetry Paintings and Drawings.  ~bringing to you the essence of a painter, which in fact is not an easy deal, just a little glimpse. 

For more information about this and other paintings please visit