Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Abstract Art Original Modern on Canvas "Rouge"

New Abstract Art Original Modern on Canvas 16" by 20" 


The history about the work,: The use of cosmetics and the different grounds to make it, Rouge for cheeks comes in powder form or pastes, glossy and can also be mixed,  just like in paints, also  has a chemical compound, say to make it stay longer or to give a natural complexion to work better with the skin,  Hope you enjoy the work, which was created with that concept in mind giving natural form to a composition.

This is my new Original painting tittled:  "Rouge" here is a small link that will direct you to the work , in eBay, its easier to introduce work on auction this way, although the more important thing is to introduce the work rather,  for this one, the experimentation of textures and grounds came to play, the use of soap and foam, the use of different pastes all incorporated to give a natural design and natural form on a canvas. 

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