Friday, April 23, 2010

Portrait in Acrylic


Basic Sketch Light first with Pencil or Vine Charcoal

Use it as the skeleton of the painting

Rendering Form

Using a big brush and modeling paste (in this case) looking at the picture (Reference) squinting eyes to not get involved in details. This is far quick just remember, the forms the skeleton inside a human skull (head) and then measurements you should have a knowledge of Anatomy to understand muscle movement in the head and different bones positions, (helps with expressions) Example: smiles" also helps towards the entire rendering of the painting, within time you will be able to apply this with less effort .

Now that I have the basic form, lets go towards shadows and lights also re adjusted the head position to the right .

Valentina" has beautiful blue deep eyes you can see the sea in them. She is posing in a very pleased way, but her eyes in the original picture are looking down, here is the decision to noticed all those things before hand. I wanted her to have a more direct contact in this case with the viewer* I think it's important because it makes the person think on what you meant by the look in the portrait, but any ways, lets leave the Psychology to those in the fields lets continue...before you go to sleep.

(Muscle, form /Mass and hair color )

Adding the Shadows she has blond hair but is it? just like the skin hair has many colors going towards the shadow closer to her hair roots. Now, where is the light reflecting on the subject? can you see it? you can see the round muscle mass on the eyes (orbital part) the shape and her forehead always following bones ,muscle and mass.

(Skin Transparency)

Tip# What is skin transparency?
Practice in the Sun light or bright light and put your hand up to the Sun you can see the muscle and the transparency of the skin as well as where your skeleton is just like that, you need to think when doing a portrait, hands or a body.

(Skin Tones)

What is close as to her skin complexion? , this has also to do with skin transparency and how is reflected in the light, each person has a different formula (skin has many colors from greens to blue's it is your trained eyed that will be able to capture skin tones
in this and as for any other portrait I did not went for a specific formula because of all the range of skin colors, but so far this is what I'm using on this portrait. She has a Yellowish Rosey skin tone.

Yellow Oqure

Burnt Umber


Alizarin Crimson

Cobalt Blue

and Cerulean Blue

Cadmium Yellow

From dark to light squinting eyes and stepping away looking at the Reference but not constantly, just to make sure that the portrait has a certain likeness to the subject.. Remember this is a painting.

Unless you are going towards realism. You should then do an effort to get you're details right.

Here the Rosey on her cheeks fallowing again muscle mass and tone and the expression of a face is coming trough. continue with muscle adding lights and also more shadows I do this with tones of Reds mix with blues and yellow mixing browns darks adding dark purples and blues for the eyes sockets and lets not forget the ear!, wish are pinkish because is mainly muscle cartilage.

(Face Expression and Likeness to the subject)

I liked the position of the hand but I knew since the beginning that could create a certain conflict with in views. You see in my case I do tend to go all out" for breaking rules' even if this does takes me out of My comfort zone. I have found that restrictions makes it boring for me to follow all the rules' when it comes to a portrait I do not enjoy the process so I do all possible to just go with it.

(Breaking the Rules)

After all this is what I'm aiming for, Practice with progress. At this stage the eyes where re- position again" and re arranged looking straight at me towards the viewer also changed the nose for a more younger rounder nose.

she has no expression.

Would she have a nice smile? Do I have a chance to show her character? or perhaps, give it a more worried look? I go again with her hair tones just rendering shadows and then .


Now I'm satisfied with this look.. wish end up less than my previous idea of the direct view"

Sometimes some more color on the cheeks and lips adds freshness to certain portraits I try not to overwhelmed Valentina with it, this is always optional" but go a little higher than her natural look you can see in here Now Rendering details. Note: Her mouth also has a bit of a lift on her lower lip I (plumped) and the reflection (light) was added to her eyes and also Ive taken the liberty of taking nose shadows (breaking rules) and under lips shadows at this point Valentina has eyebrows! Much better!

Now Step away and let it rest. she will serve me as great Reference towards other paintings. found very interesting that I could easily stayed with few colors within primaries with comfort. blue yellow and Red, This portrait was approached with more confidence and was a quick process. Principles stayed the same I do not conflict my self with following rules every step of the way but it helps.

I believe that in order to break the Rules you must be able to know them well' and then... play all you want even if is to mess with your own head'.

Wile working from Shadow to light and then........... details this principle can be also applied Light to Dark as long avoiding at all times or fussing on details the point was to stay simple" This makes it much better than retaliating on details... this also can be applied when working with Oils as well

Now for the next few weeks will look for a nice background says green but would love to add Red so in my case lets let it rest....remember in each case this is all about the viewer and the psychology of color just like smell trigger certain feelings colors can also do the same.

Lets Keep on practicing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

M&Ms In Gouache

The Munchies between paintings and coffee and Dancing Salsa the flavor and color in a single wrap! This edition for the M&M's company is called Tear and Share! the package is made with natural soy ink very thin but with a good amount of candy inside. Specially made in a way to open it fast and with out a hassle! yet they don't break wile you handle the package Very Smart Mr. M&M's!! mine ripped in almost half a Great Way of sharing M&M's not only by mouth but also the best way by painting it!

Painting measures 13" by 7" made in Gouache A great fun way of developing an eye for color and love for food in this case Candy. You would be surprised the hue's in a single M&M Painting, Specially the Yellow wish to me is not yellow but a combination of different hue's and that is the same case with the package.

What's it like for Vangogh?

Have you ever wondered what made him paint those skies? staring for hours at he's paintings, there is always and surprise color a swirl! a different mix of color! Who can actually copy him to perfection? and learn hes palette to precision? even tho the historians say that he was disturbed and depressed etc. He is The essence A Master in he's paintings the strokes and creamy texture an level of intellect with out discussion, frustrated perhaps by he's own perfectionism.

To look beyond he's mastery it is very difficult only himself can actually tell the way he turns and hes combination of colors to kindly express perhaps the way he painted those skies and why? Here is to You Vincent for Your skill and brilliant textures and Great combination and Striking eye for color. Not to imitate you but to give You a tribute with this little painting of mine.

Painting Made in Acrylic 15" by 13" My interest was for the strokes in the skies!

My Model Nude


Let's call her Vicky!!, This beautiful Model is one of my recent nudes made in Acrylic with a different approach in a impressionist style. I have had the fun of my life doing this series of paintings and putting Strathmore Paper in to good use. This is taken from a 30" by 40" sheet cut up in to different sizes, that for me brings an array and diversity to the Art in to different fun Shapes!.

This Painting measures an approximate of 9' by 12" she had the longest legs you can imagine! Beauty and elegance on her look I am trilled to know whats next and seeing my Art taking shape little by little.

Miniature Art Cards

Miniature Art Cards

Wile it is fun to create big peaces of Art have found a delight in doing small Cards this miniature pieces are a fun trip to Pennsylvania beautiful landscapes that My Artist Friend and photographer Bill Green was kind enough to share.

Bill is an excellent photographer he likes to capture nature at is best here is My inspiration from the photo references, the pictures where taking in winter but they do give you a glance on how they look in Spring time. The combination of My beautiful neighborhood with Mr. Green's photographs melted in this cheerful miniature landscapes.

Artist license can be a great tool to change a few things, even tho the task is some what difficult it is great to know that can be accomplished rearranging the houses and form of the clouds combining cool hues in the skies all came to play like an harmonious arrangement.

The Art is measuring 5" by 6" in Strathmore 140 Lb (300gsm) they where taped on the corners to stand out with a thick layer of modeling paste applied for this reason, a coat of Gloss Varnish followed for protection gives them an amazing happy bright look just like eye candy!

How to make Dew Drops

How to make Dew Drops in Watercolor!

Dew drops the mysterious little droplet and the eye opener for those with a keen eye capturing there essence is key, and the Reflection they get from the sky. The process is yet not complicated and leave you refresh! better than a cup of coffee great exercise to start in with Watercolors. Here is the Demo I hope you enjoy it! Must of all have fun!.

To make them is as trilled and fun as it sounds in the garden specially when you are aspiring for something bigger and fresher in your paintings.

Starting Materials

3.5 Hand Made Cards 140Lb (300gsm) cold press Strathmore Paper Derwent Pencils in this case a 4.b Masking fluid for Watercolor brushes nos. small 10 square for the lifts) 8 and 10 Rounds and a small liner brush script #0

1 Paint two washes of permanent Red and Alizarin Crimzon, Draw a circle or oval. Apply the Masking fluid with a script, let it dry for a few seconds this is to save the high light, after it dries remove some of the paint from the bottom part of the water droplet this will make a difference as to the background.

2. Make the Shadows

This is simple you are going to glaze with darker tones specially if you mix Alizarin with the blue you get an excellent hue to work with, the shadow is actually where you want the viewer to know that the light is hitting from that side. The color of the dew drop should match the background colors, it is time to Remove the masking!

Once you marked your shadows you noticed that the shadow has a hard edge on this case indicating that it was under direct sunlight. When you lift you're paint you might noticed some of the paper lifting up is fine, this is all about practice not perfection, those effects will be less obvious when you incorporate what you have learn in to your paintings. I hope that this demo helps you see how to render you own spectrum of dews in water.

Always signed and date your work and keep on practicing!! This Dew will be a nice collectible if you are interested will be more than glad to send it!! Send your Addy in your email My email address is Thanks!