Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watercolor Painting of a White Hibiscus, the change from a sketch to a painting. "My where abouts"

Watercolor Painting of a White Hibiscus, the change from a sketch to a painting. "My where abouts"

It's  going good, but must admit, still all over the place, have seen all the opportunities that are there for me to take, working on an artist, resume and also my statement. Probably have it ready by the end of this month, can i hear a whot, whot?

  I dream of the day where i can see my works hanged and displayed where many can see it and it will be even better to be able to make enough $$ for my three children, i love what ive been doing online, but relying solely in just it, is not enough, so it is time to move on.

Haven't seen a Hibiscus at least not as large as that one, so thanks to Helga O' for that beautiful picture.  paintmyphoto.ning  Someone asked me what is the difference between a sketch than a painting?,  i think the painting looks more complete.

For this painting:  Layered a simple color palette in to a smaller canvas and then randomly used of colors, going light on the background, it is very difficult to capture the whites in a flower.

Watercolor painting White hibiscus original Photo taken by Helga O'

12 X 16 Watercolor Fluid paper cold press. Close up...

Studied this one for quite sometime, brave enough to do the painting and the final result. I notice the folds where going to be a trip already, so wanted to convey rather than transparency thickness.

Recent paintings...

Marilyn Monroe on Fluid watercolor paper 12 x 16

Watercolor paper on the new Fredericks Canvas paper for Watercolors 16 X 20

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Art Prints and Watercolor Art on the way "Flowers and acrylic paintings. "

New Art prints and watercolor Art on the way... "Flowers and acrylic paintings"

Art print zoomed in ACEO 2.5 by 3.5" photo taken with cellphone camera.

Art print next to the original so you can see the difference in color and texture.

I am grateful to be able to do the prints of my original work, feel like everyone will be able to enjoy the work it self, instead of just one person acquiring one specific,  also feel that in case i want to do an art show it is essential to have instead the original. 

The artworks been waiting for me since December, it seems to get to Philadelphia i need to schedule my trips, which makes me a bit upset, my calendar is filled with appointments several of them during the week early hours, and after one appointment with the children it seems i become exhausted. My schedule seem to become tighter to the point of stretching out to the weekends. 

However, the time dedicated to my children is reaping out great results, and they are all doing excellent in school and other areas, so in a way, yes is difficult, but is worth it. That is one of the reasons to make the prints, and also made several in watercolors. Because the time to paint has been greatly reduced as well. 

Fear not, have to learn to be reasonable,  on my way to paint, at least one a day.

What have you done to paint or create? Comment below any links to encourage also those whom are following me as well.

Happy Paintings!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Robin bird "Waiting for winter to cease" Watercolor pencil sketch and watercolor painting. New artwork by vargasartstudio.

Robin bird "Waiting for winter to cease" Watercolor pencil sketch and watercolor painting, New artwork by Vargasartudio.

Watercolor painting bird 9 inches by 12 inches

Special Thanks to photographer: Dave Webb from Paintmyphoto, link below, for he's exquisite rendition and capturing the little fellow! 

Sing birdie sing!  happy to be able to redirect some of my followers from twitter to the blog, All this has been a trial and error for me and now after 6 long years i can say is getting better.  About the birdie: Found a great resource for photos which I'm using here: http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/  Still learning to navigate the site, but thought on doing something simple with the reference photo. Got some stamps from the near by Michaels and thought to use them with some of my paintings, on my way to the cashier.. stopped and right on the left, there they are!! the swirls of various of my paintings?, and saw a bunch of coloring books with them...giggles.. it says Art Nouveau!  yes that is true, incorporating  form and shape with architecture design in to a painting. Any ways more about that, later...So off to stamping it is!

While making the painting, noticed strong stamping was a bit too much, because wanted the main subject to pop, after all ..the bird is the super star! not the stamps, no offense Martha Stewart..

To be or not to be? ..is the question, Crafter or not a crafter?

Well,.. as you will learn later on, if you have decided to commit in to art making and have decided to make your carrier as your business, you will have to mingle with all kinds of crowds, shoot your art in every website, And like it or not, have your very own special space in the craft section, actually some of the tags i use in both stores ebay and etsy is arts and crafts. Thank me later..  I know how some of us feel about it, but that is the truth. 

 Back to the bird...with several stamps, which where added to the background and i am of course giving you the idea for your own work, because i think it is important to give part of the technical progress.  And you will also learn how to mix and match your work with different craft ideas etc. This will take you out of your comfort zone, and from one simple or single idea, many will come,

  all artsie,... fartsie me... wanted to do the swirls, by hands and the stamping in the beginning..or cut up my own, but i wanted a quick result. And if they are available why not?. 

Some of the materials used:

Happy paintings!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

"Red Flowers" Passion for red flowers, my parrot tulips a Journey" Oil painting by Mary Vargas

"Red Flowers" Passion for red flowers, my parrot tulips a Journey" Oil painting by Mary Vargas

work in progress of the parrot tulip in red.

When spring gets here, what is the first thing that pops in to your mind? Trees in different colors, the new smell of flowers blooms, many beautiful things sprouting, delicious new veggies, fruits, we let go slowly of our coats,  we come out to the sun!  like we never seen light before. People are much more happier on this season as well,  and we live in a air conditioning setting that is to envy..or just my experience as a generalized parable...

For us painters is also our favorite time of the year, because we get to see and smell and Paint! all those colors, or those flowers, and  landscapes...we get to experience at first glance beauty, a new color, yep, i got it! mixed in to our palettes...ahhh' we say:  ~this is life and life it self, we work hard, all day! 

This painting however, was painted in the coldest month of the winter, December, with a photo as reference...my want,.. is spring! and is very pungent and colorful, looking at the painted canvas the other night, and said wow.. look at you, zoomed in to the flower,  wanted to convey a cozy, well round bulb of red, and all that pollen, ... good thing tho, this flower is allergy free.

When painting, yes you can do that, you can go as far as spring, and enjoy yourself in all those colors, and imagine all those flowers...

This, is the final result: colors are red, green, purple mixed in various whites, and darks burnts. The blue is my must favorite a mix of prussian blue..

List of materials used: Long bristles square, round, flats, 1,4,6 for the background a bit of ochre
also: I use several brands. Rembrandt, Gambling, Grumbacher and blick oils. using a sheet of canva cotton wrapped, usually steady with several clamps.

Here is a photo directly from my easel, side ways for better lighting and you can see the details.

If you are interested about this and  or any other work feel free to contact me: maryartstudio@gmail.com

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"Lemon and Orange" Batik look in watercolors and more about me"

"Lemon and Orange" Batik look in watercolors and more about me"

Is lemon season at least on my head, is been long since i haven't done a blog post, it was due time, wanting to do a video for the process of each paintings coming soon. Some people might think that we just paint for the hek of it, but reality is that goes beyond that, Have you heard the expression, When life gives you lemons...make lemonade.? " is a very common one, yet, is better said than done.

This is what that is, I'm making lemonade with everything life has thrown my way, i have to learn to say no, to advocate and to be my own counsel and my own pro me, to be careful not everyone has the best intentions and when they might give something they might ask you in return, from those i have learned to stay far away.  Anyone that tries to manipulate in this way is despicable, period. I have met so many great people as well as many, many bad people, learned a lot about peoples roles in their jobs and have a keen sense when they don't like it, or not wanting to help, and what not to say or what to say,  that there's always a solution to our problems and yes that urgent so called thing can wait, learned that those curves are beautiful every inch of them if you where wondering I am an average size 12. to love my self, had to reload all this in my head. To be able to survive with my three children.

I have become tenacious in the things i can acquire and also learned to let go when is out of my control, had to stop for a while and think, if i keep running? where do i actually go? Can't run from problems, but each one of them tackle in it's own time. Can't also take in, every single opinion from others, or you will go completely nuts, Yes, there's always suggestions, but you have to make the final decision, learned that if it sounds right in my guts, i must go for it. To let go of doubts, to understand every time i look in the mirror, there's an amazing women, yes, a great artist, a mom, a beautiful intelligent person staring right back at me, that all this will come to pass soon. and that God will grant me the well deserved peace i want, i know the journey or rough puzzle is not over, but i am able to completed. 

If i look back in life, i will described my self as a low self esteem individual, with out the ability to express her self, completely under the control of another individual that was creating chaos in he's own life, full of lies and deceit. Oblivious to what was happening and in real danger! At this point i can speak out loud and i have no issues or problems with whom reads it, because is my past, and i have learned to overcome and to be free from all this. I knew i waited too long, i was afraid about what others might think, i was afraid about people next to me, i was so concerned about each and everyone's opinion, i often beat myself up because i thought  i wasn't good enough, smart enough,creative enough, not able to do absolutely anything with out someone next to me telling me what and how, i was used and abused,victimized, terrorized, because people know this things and can see when someone is easily managed, people with abusive and control issues can see that. Also we have to be careful because we can become the same ourselves if we don't seek help.  It is in our best interest to flee from that and to regain our own freedom. 

Yes, painting is more than just a subject, than just a still life, is a subconscious thing, an inside matter, an letter to ourselves saying at least in my case, it will get better, beautified by a grandiose sense of I can and create. The best therapy that one can have, my outlet to what surrounds me, the freedom of expression and what makes me a better person..

My goals for the upcoming years, are many, i think have been able to accomplish more in this year than in the past 10 years, i am back on twitter @Vargasartstudio, both of my stores ebay and etsy are back, i am also taking several courses, i have read several books, i have powerful tools to become better. 

If you are interested in this or any other paintings, you can contact me trough email for more details: maryartstudio@gmail.com 

Abuse is abuse and not necessarily needs to be Physical learn the facts. And feller''s treat your ladies right, however it can go both ways. A lot of women including myself stay in this situation because well let's face it "love" we love and think is okay also can be because a man can do much more physically and economy, but this puts ourselves in even greater danger, like i said there's no need to go trough it, also for those whom know whom they are...talking about you!!!!, who likes to push others peoples buttons there's a tone of resources out there for you too!! but you need to want to be a better person!! stop the excuse tho', no one deserves to be treated like dirt, because you have had past issues. :) There's help for both the victims and the other peoples..lol

Books might be worth reading or have read recently Thrive by Arianna Huffington and also the Body Book by Camerom Diaz with Sandra Bark

If you or someone you know, is a  Domestic Violence victim please contact: 1-800-799-7233

follow @NNEDV on twitter resources and empowerment for domestic violence victims nnedv.org/

Women we are beautiful, no matter the size, no matter what you gone trough in life, love yourself this is an important rule when you do, everything else falls in to place.