Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chinese Lantern

This one I made it in Yesterday just one hour or so  but In love with it so far' very small canvas.

So here it is my Chinese Lanterns! Goache Watercolors on Watercolor Paper this are the painting tha i called Recycle* because are made in the back of whatever I did that didn't worked forme at first an yet this beautiful paintings came out of it! 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ragu Bolognese my variation from Original Recipe MarioBatali

Any good cook knows whom to follow. In My case is Mario Batali an others whom inspire me must are those that not only cook from the heart an passion but also that knows the Story behind each plate adding knowledge to each plate makes it an vacation on it's own.

I was looking for a simple dish for dinner since we are had a storm  to try an relax  sit down at the table with my family an then walla! Bolognese it is!

I did mine with certain variations than the original recipe wish called for Veal an Pancetta but try to grasp the Essence of the dish in each  ingredient I knew this one could have definitely be better as I was raving for some fresh  Regiano better next time I say!   To, Mario Batali for introducing me to hes world an for making me love pasta the way I do!.

Please Visit foodnetwork for the Original Recipe  Here is My Variation From the Original
  • 5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 carrot, finely, diced
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 rib celery, finely diced
  • 1 clove garlic, sliced
  • 1/2 tube tomato paste
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
Parmesano Regiano already Grated because it was the only one available at the moment.
I Shredded all the veggies toguether to do some what like a puree including the carrots  In a saucepan I heat up Olive Oil an let it cook for around 20 minutes I added the Ground Lean beef an stir everything up at high heat.  I added the fresh tomatoes an tomato paste , milk and wine an let it simmer over low heat. for around 1 hour an a half. Seasoned it witha pinch of Salt an Pepper  an added to the Penne'

tip: Temper The Milk before adding it!  I found that the milk  helps to tone down the acidity of the tomatoes.
Add Hearty Cooking Wine Parmesano Romano in my case I used Italian Red cooking wine*.
This Recipe Mario Batali Ragu Bolognese

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me!

Just posting in here some of my works that I have finished Sketch in Charcoal.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whole Wheat Pasta and Vegetables

Simple Pasta an Tasty

1Lb Whole Wheat Pasta  Follow Instructions I Recommend To Do The Vegetables First since The Pasta Shouldn't take no Longer than 8 min. If you use fresh whole wheat the time is way shorter,  If You don't like how it taste Barilla comes with a variety of whole wheat pasta that are pretty decent in taste. 

2 Lb Vegetables Now I have found a Great Short cut wish is already Frozen chopped vegetables not to mention very economical.  Im using in this case BirdsEye Asian Style Veggies.  

In a  Pan Add Olive Oil an Garlic Sauteed the Garlic add the Thaw Veggies. Now  if you decide adding Frozen will take a short cooking time. Now the Important Ingredient will be The veggies not the Sauce. 

2  Tablespoons of  Canned Plum Tomatoes or Chopped If you are concerned about the Sodium content definitely  go with Fresh tomatoes around 3 -4 . 

Pecorino Romano Cheese  I Will Prefer Fresh but Store bought it's ok as well'.

Tip: Add Chicken or Shrimb
Fresh Basil is also welcome! in this Recipe I use a combination of  East meets West I Really Hope that You enjoy It! tell me what you think.

by Mary Vargas

Passion for Still Lifes

The favorite subject of a Painter could be Anything but oh' The Still Life! I have a Friend that only does pears different shapes, colors but always the same subject, an yet is like I have being hit with amnesia because I find them completely fascinating!

Is one of the first things an Art Teacher will put down for you to paint specially peppers.  The Shape how you position them to the Light where you can see the different values. I have made a couple of Still Life not perfect no, but visualy recognizable at least!  So with out further do's cheers! To Still Lifes of all kinds or genre's an colors, an the fun we have with them, not to mention eating them! it all depends"  I will post the picture an will let you know a little story behind them!.

This one we did in Art Class My Students where encouraged to Find the Light I use as a demonstration on How not to miss it, made sure they understood so you can see the big spot of white in the paper there!

The Vase I bought an Nice bamboo Plant but the flower got ill so I had to trow it away, Yet I cleaned the vase an still have it around, the fruits didn't last long as soon as the painting was done my children finished them up!

 made by memory but the background didn't work for me so I left it as is..although very fond of doing it!

This One was made with my Friend Grigory in the back there one of he's paintings we didn't had time to finished it up like you see on the left there'.

This one is is a Pencil sketch Silver Russian Tea pot' very difficult since it was first lesson for me, an still the orange came out like a ball!

also made by memory in opaque watercolors the cherries became to dark but still  I had fun!

This one is how I depict My Family I'm still figuring out wish one I'm I

I  use a reference picture for this one i'm still working on it! one year an counting! It has powder gold an is just very beautyful will be finished when the muse strike me back!

Well this are my Still Lifes  that I still have around some friends have taken, family members, some have being sold an others well' are in the error and Horrors Pile! of papers an canvas ruined over the years!
by MaryVargas

What is Life Living after Cancer an How to cope"

Two  years ago I met with a Beautiful Women That was diagnosed with Breast Cancer an is now on Remission,  In a way  I would have never guessed it, There she was Like nothing ever happened!

I Ask her tell me, Really How do you managed?, She confessed that at that moment she was uncomfortable an she was taking more meds, because one of the implants broke, so she had to get it removed an get operated again.  But she was Smiling!, she told me  that she had to  be Positive an that she passed through that mental state of being  depressed, But She Accepted her condition,  When  I first heard that, I thought oh so she is denial?  But Not really, I understood that she didn't wanted to feel sorry for her self, instead she took things One day at a time, accepting her condition with what she could do to feel better.

I learned a Lot from that conversation! an I so Admire her courage, her Laugh is so contagious!, She is the Type of  People That  when she hugs you she means it!, an that makes me think more about others than my self. To love what I do for what it is, Not asking in return, but to aply the Golden Rule'.  She told me that she visit often the cancer center, an talked to people about her faith as well' an told me that God for her is a big part of her life.  That she has become a better person after the sickness, an more positive. But that she believes is all,  because she is helping her self to become more available to others  despite her condition an to see it with a calm mental state.

She also replies that worrying only makes matters worst!, so that, is not in her cup at the time, she knew that she was going to pass trough certain things that would have made her uncomfortable, but that when she went to her Quimo she accepted it like for what it was, The Cure'a process, not an what if?.  She is an Amazing Person!  and definitely One of my heroes!  

Until This day we Remain good friends an I am so Glad I found Such a Wonderful being!

What is Life with out Chocolate

One thing I like to do is trow them in the freezer  an Enjoy them frozen!  They get a different texture an Last Longer ummmm get the Idea? ahh well' so here is a pic of my Resent stack that I share with My family!. An hided in the Freezer LOL"  Is called Choxie an is available at Target, they come in Sea Salt Peanut butter really lush! an The package is really cute they will do as gifts as well'.

Monday, December 14, 2009

This Recipe is Inspired On My Mother The Puertorican Lady!

 This Diva in The Kitchen Not Only Cooks Half Store Bought but also knows how to mix certain ingredients,  combining veggies purees, a Real Comfort. This Recipe is for her! 

One to 2 per Serving

In This Case We are Using Jazmin Rice

1 cup Jazmin Rice 2 Cups of Water 1 teaspoon Olive Oil an Sea Salt,  The Rice can Be done in The microwave at Low Heat until water absorbed or in the Stove High heat once the water let sit Low heat for 15min until completely cooked.

2 Chicken Breast marinated an pounded  the Day before,  Vinegar and Lime Juice in the Island this is a costume to seasoned an Tenderize the meat with both'.

3.  Garlic Salt , Fried them on a Tablespoon of Canola Oil  in a Hot Griddle once The marks are on the Chicken Turn the Heat Low an Cover with lid  releasing it's natural juices finish cooking in it's own vapor. Take the Lid off again an let the juice caramelize.

Chicken should be Tender an completely White inside'.

Beans as follows

1 Can or Fresh Pink Beans canned an Rinsed, Sofrito very simple:
1/4 Cup Onions an Green Peppers
a Tablespoon of store bought Tomato Pasta Sauce
1 Cup of Chicken Stock
Cumin, Cilantro, Laurel Leaf if desired this should be just a pinch *
In Olive Oil Sauteed Sofrito add Liquids an the beans This should be like a soup consistence
once boiling add a teaspoon of pureed Potatoes.

If you like Spicy* Try adding some Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Flakes.

Tip: Try adding to the beans other purees Veggies like Pumpkin
instead of puree the potatoes cut them in peaces, or Add one teaspoon of  Box Mashed Potatoes..
Enjoy! y Buen Provecho!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goey Mac an Cheese the secret Recipe Adult friendly!

This Recipe is Very Simple an By Intuition You will get an wonderful Result You can add the tomato if you like, or leave it as is if you prefer either or, it is very Tasty!
1lb of Elbow Macaroni
1lb of Shredded or cut in peaces  Cheddar Cheese
1lb of Mozzarella also Shredded or Cut
1/2cup can Cambells Cheddar Cheese Soup
1/4 Pecorino Romano
1lb of Velveeta cheese
1tsp Cayenne Pepper
Salt an Pepper to Taste
 pinch Herbes De Provence
Plum tomatoes
1/4 milk
1/4cup of Navy beans Pureed (If Desired)

Cook Pasta or Elbow Macaroni add Cheeses to the cook pasta an melt together salt an pepper an Herb the Provance*  beans optional if desired add (tomatoes) an sprinkle breadcrumbs on top, in oven to 350 degrees until goey an you can see a  golden thin crust  Enjoy!
Kids this days don't like veggies so this is a good way to incorporate the veggies with out them knowing! is healthy this recipe is a classic  when it comes to dinner does not take long an is Adult Friendly"

courtesy of

Prawn Tomato Salad with Balsamic Vinagrette

This Salad is Very Simple an you can toss' the Shrimp in the Microwave" (optional) before you Prepare you Garden Salad
Lettuce Romain Mix
Tomatoes Cherries or Plum
Cucumbers sliced

Cook the shrimb 10min or until pink Add to the Salad warm

Vinagrette as fallows

Balsamic Vinegar and Virgin Olive Oil Teaspoon of Sea Salt.

This Salad is Simple budget Friendly an Very Healthy. Try it with Chicken an Or Tuna cucumbers add a nice crisp taste add carrots for a sweater taste. You can pack your Shrimps in a airtight container an heat it up at work" much healthier than going fast food or TVdinner and  more importantly saves you  money!.

photograph courtesy of

OOlong Tea good for you!

The best Tea to enjoy! cold or warm Any Time of the Day!
The properties of these Teas are countless" an you can also use other dry fruits to add for a Long Healthy Life. use Oolong an Be well'.

In this picture' Oolong Orange Tea with Cinnamon an apple Peel, courtesy of and picture taken by www.

The Use of Lettuce as a sleeping Agent

In ancient Greece This beautiful and milky leafy green was used not only as an Aphrodisiac but also as an Sleeping agent, till this day it is usually commonly use, for salad greens and eaten raw. But the benefit of the Lettuce go beyond it's modern use. If you would Like better rest I'm pretty sure you would try this leafy green in a form of a common tea.

Just boiled the water and steep until desire strength and enjoy it with a sip of lemon to reduce the bitter taste.

photograph copyright and courtesy: or ArtistMaryV.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Madeline Portrait

Ahh' the Life of the Painter, what moves us? What cause you have for Inspiration. If not our life and how our story evolve to be what we are today.
Looking for a great face in all the repertoire of faces, cuz I got many pictures no, not really! it happens that those of the past memory is the ones that impress Me more and how the person shifts in Life.

Madeline now is a Mother her Hair is not Red anymore but black, sure We haven't seeing each other for years!, but she will always be my friend.

The one that save me from passing Science in High School, telling me all the Answers to the Test. And the Test that determined that I pass the class wile she stayed behind in 11th grade. I am sure she is probably regretting that she helped me. Those years will never come back Madeline this Painting is for you.

Keep Your self Dry

This has being the greatest invention ever!' and one that I Recomend for those Raining days is called Water proofer is very easy! you spray it twice or once on clothes and also on your sneakers and off you go! You must read the instructions as with anything else.

On May 3rd 2009 It was Raining like never! but yet my feet inside where kept dry! me skeptical self didn't believe that it was going to work, but for my surprise the product proof otherwise!

I do recommend it I think major sportgoods stores have it, so go get yours!.
I'm not affiliated with the company that supplies the product but as a consumer. Vaseline works for the skin just in case you where thinking on spraying your self?.

Running Outside

Essentials to Run in the cold weather as well as hot weather and why?
Some might disagree and say well less is better! but when you are outside you might think other wise, luckily enough if you run trough the City you will have the opportunity to run more freely. but not sure If the people and the stop Signs Lights will make it enjoyable still we must do what we do to stay in shape and healthy!

So what to do if you are like me an leave in a place that 40 degrees is summer? to stay fit? Run Outside! I say! Always wearing the right Gear Protect your Skin with a good SPF in my case will be from Netrogena SPFcool mist sunblock and off you go! always wear a hat!, Weather 25,30 degrees, Nike has the best head bands.

Because you are running perspiration circulates mainly from the top of your head so it is wise to cover the ears in my case I don't need anything else. Vaseline is Essential for your feet, around your toes for blisters or you can use Aquaphor does the same job.

Sometimes We do encounter Danger and for that you should be at all cause prepared, Cellphone a knife and Pepper Spray uhmmm that's right!,it is as essential as water!. Specially If you Run by your self and there's no people around I carry this in a nice Fanny pack from company.

Since is the cold season I get water mix in with Electrolytes some come in packs so wish ever works for you the best. I hope this tips have being helpful to you an we will see each other on the roads we are strong an I salute you.

Thanks for Reading this!