Friday, July 30, 2010

Pain Who can't Relate?

Describing pain is easy when it is felt, on the body or produced by something but when it is induced, by events of unforeseen circumstances it is hurtful and lingers there for a wile.

What brings comfort?, well I don't have an specific answer to it, specially when you lose some one by death, it is a sting that is strikes you in the core and doesn't let go even as the years pass. when you truly care an love, it stays there with you all along. only time heals sort of' in a weird kinda way.

I can say that our worst enemy is death yet, I have hugged a hope that brings to my heart comfort to know, in the years 1985_1987 I lost my two Aunts, one of them pregnant at that time, whom got killed right in front of me by an abusive husband, and my "adoptive" father got killed in a freak car accident. Living me out of.. and very sad.. I often blame my self for not being able to say good bye to any of them, and yet Life seems to have kept going.

Yet, despite of my unbearable pains, and the passing of my loved ones, I'm hugging in to what I called Hope, and wrote this poem.

When the time comes

You where there for me when I need it you, and now.. you are gone,
I have cursed to the air, grasping the earth we have grown out of, and asked why?, in my despair, I had to understand, we where breathing the same air and yet we are not.
have Ive gone to far?

This wouldn't never happened to you, yet death is a cheater, and got there earlier than me.
Now I extended my hand, but you are not here,' have you gone to the dark place, to sleep?.
and can not hear my voice any more?. I wish I could tell you one more time, how much I love you. That it is ok, the Sun will come out, and you will see it with me, sit right next, to me.
How much I appreciated you're counsel. I am looking forward when the time comes, when we can hug again, close my eyes see you there' with me. holding my hand once again, until that time comes, will keep you in my thoughts. and for each of my joys, will write them down, to let you know, when the time comes.

The words in the painting are, So you know what beauty is? when every one things is what it is in the outside, you're love stayed the same, Love is to Cherish , compassion, Empathy. very few. and so on...
different events that has taken place, in this past weeks that have transcend it, it is also in memory of Chris.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

When the muse's Strike

Painted this card, after someone got me a huge planter, with purple flowers in them, got it in the farmers market for $4 and tough it looked gorgeous, to get there is sort of far away, it means the action. I love my planter so much!, is hanged in front of the house.

got this Idea from a big sheet of Pin up girls, bough it on etsy search Pin Up is full of inspiration!

Poppies are a beautiful flower, have painted a bigger painting of the same flower, wile doing a long run one day, and having a really hard time, keeping up, splinters, black nails bothering, ran out of water...almost hitting the wall' and..... there, they are growing wild' so beautiful,effortless right under that peeling skin Sun! It gave me courage' to finish the run.
Ohh' when the muse strikes you must,.. go where it tells you to go, must paint!... an not ask questions, mine is male' :P looks like the Old-spice guy' very eloquent too... "..

It' moves to paint when you have had that picture?? your mind!! tho'.. ok' for the guys let's make it a Girl with a bikini on!.

This are things that happen in my Life an everyday theme for each day, or each hour, that moves me to paint, first thing is... listening to one of the kids giving a big speech on why he's bro should share he's precious toy. and he gave a list to he's brother and a lecture' the last sentences because he's hard of hearing'

I heard _ 'u now..pointing the finger at he's big bro, a tray ole ma toys we u' Je'emy, wa can not gimmie" for a short time......... I'll give it back!.

Children are a big part of my day, at home and outside I love to be around them!, they say things!... and not only that, they got a pure heart, well some do,.... at least the majority" Like Emmy *changed her name* She took my hand bag one day and said, I like you, because, you sure know how to dress, and you're purse, has singing notes on it, it means you are a happy person!!. and Look! we are dressed the same way!!! When I looked at her, she had the exact colors on her dress and her shoes... ok I know it sounds strange) for a 30yr old women but believe me, she had the same combination of colors around her dress... and yes I do like flashy pink things!! Children are smart and surely know when you like them too!..or else they... will let you know.

So my point is, If you have something unique about you, that you think someone else will benefit from, or get inspired, why not showing it and share it??, well to the least even if you think you are not, believe me,... Art speaks volumes sometimes, and color it says to help some how the brain... is either to soothe or disturbed, in my case i like to soothe' even tho...sometimes it does the contrary...

But nevertheless doing what we love definitely makes us unique, This are the different things, made during the week and hopefully ( if the muse) strikes again!! will accomplish more later on...

Remember, Share it, even if is Ugly Fugly* for you, some one else might find it very pretty.

This world is on an Inventors/ Inventions mode* constantly, and this are triggered by a color a word or simple things, that moves to.... create_

Monday, July 12, 2010

Remembering Puerto Rico my childhood"

Aceo" Painting Oil Pastels Beach Side Humacao titled: El Mar esta Picao'

The things I remember,

My grandfather's Jose Manue'l Rivera Diaz, (Tono) ordeal over the great depression state in Puerto Rico before Luis Munoz Marin and how grateful he was. He had a long... story to tell, made sure he's grandchildren remembered.

My cousins and I had a song for him
My Abuelo Tono"
Cono me da ni una peseta.... que viejo mas maseta #(3$#)

We where bad!!.

Making coffee from scratch, from picking up the red coffee beans, toasted in the Sun until blackened and then grinding it.

The Chickens sleep on trees, Yes they do!! and you never want to mess with it.

MJ grows wild, I won't tell you where..;))

El coqui is cute" and the salamandra is creepie looking.

That brown eggs are better than whites.

That herbs are more beneficial than a thousand pills.

Met a shaman , hes name was Monchin, descendant of Aborigens the little few left on the island..

What good tobacco looks like, and I chewed once too!.... Disgusting!

Used a Letrina" hahaha' you need to be from the mountains to get this joke"

Pasa el Jabon', is a game we used to play on the beach'

I know what Fuete means'!

I dived the deeps of the pacific Ocean!!( scuba diving) The Picture is a thousand words!

Explored a cave in Aguas Buenas, not to many go there'

Found Gold in the Mangle, Have seeing a carpenter's bird in there too!!

have heard the Pitirre sing!

The Parrots where many' freely !!

Can pick small mr.. crabs lol"with my hands..they are called hueyitos.

Have eaten hermit crab not so proud, I felt sorry. Any side from the cow, ain't joking. Rabbit, ducks, guinea pig and Iguana in other words (each and every pet) LOL the joke is on me...really.

had witness catastrophe.

Under a Hurricane you never ought to be!

know what a temblor is..

Poured soda on me....thinking I could get a great tan!

My sense of humor is definitely from my father side.

Tasted Ron Cana on a coquito drink

Eaten Ostiones

Heard how the pigs scream!

A marlin is a great fish and huge, the stingray, the manaties and giant turtles too! .

My favorite place, to go is 7 seas..

ride horses many' is Fun! Paso Fino are beautiful!

My great grandmother lived to 114 she was Beautiful.

Eaten many" panas!!

Climbed up a palm, mango and Kenepa (Spanish limes) trees, just for fun.

You Must! tell your grand parents, your aunts, your uncles, Bendicion! is a sign of respect and that you also asked for their blessings. My grandma used to clear' her throat if I ever forgotten'.

Was forced.... to eat Chayotes with Olive Oil and Pana de pepitas (Breadfruit Nuts) toasted" you don't wanna know what that does to you? good for you!!! that's what you hear'.. ...just people might want to stay away* tho' ( has a beans effect) get it!!?

Had tasted a piragua

Pinacolada made in the coconut with the coconut water....ok giveme a moment..... there... yes...ok let's continue..

Mira Jibara!, now I wish could hear that one more time...

I was the only 5"9" at 13 yrs old, people used to make fun of me...saying Mira' Hace Frio aya' arriba!!!... must of all my friends are 5"2".

My family, my nickname is La cana, La nena, and my grandmothers never pronounced my name the right way, it was always Marinbelsy oh mare, maruca, mariita, maraca, maricusa, mira nena!, flaca, jaba' etc etc etc...

wait until I tell you the story.... what happens when you eat orange seeds,.......Very Funny!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small Project with color pencils Pansy

Adding shadows can be fun! always locate your lights and shadows this is important, on top left the paper was left untouched, suggesting very bright light and some depths to the flower. This is a simple way to tackle small projects. Must of all Have Fun and be patient!

This flower has a natural realistic look to it, and with very little effort the project took around 1 hour or so to complete, the layers where done following the adjacent primary's it is important to know the colors wheel well, and your colors, this will help you develop a better eye towards you're subjects.

One way to do this is also by taking time to observe your subject Ex. like an apple squint you're eyes, you would be surprised how much color the apple has, the painter develop this keen eye for color with experience and practice.

You can see the difference here where the Alcohol was applied and where is not.... and yes there's a note on top, this is an old sketch book.:)) you can see top left how to..test your colors on to layers to see how they look mixed together. Color Pencils is very fun and versatile the higher pigmentation the better, in this case we are using Dickblick's colored pencils.

Once this steps is complete I added some light alchohol to do some interesting shapes like leaves and other adds a nice contrast to the dark background in this case use the Alchohol sparingly. following the contour and shadows of the flowers I continue layering green on to the leaves and on the background. Dark blue was added to the background as well.
following form and shape of the flower and the primary colors as you can see here layering
Add the colors of preference if you decide to leave your background light then skip this step and continue on to the flower
Layer the first colors in around the flower brown and yellow for the light parts stems and leaves.

Very Lightly sketch you're flower and then you layered with the based color in this case we used the pink

For this project you will need,
Artist Colored Pencils
with a high pigmentation so it lest you blend, with ease
Paper preferable Colorfix or with a tooth Pastel Paper in this case we used, regular sketching or drawing paper.
Flower of your preference in this case is a Pansy

Colors used

Light Violet
Dark Yellow
Light Yellow
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Dark Green

and swaps

A will to Learn and Have Fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Do you Own one of those?

Comm'on Say the Truth, I know you do!
in fact we all have it one way or another, What I'm referring to?
Those whom agree with you, when you self pity your self and do not Paint, Draw
or Write.

The one's that accompany your thoughts when you are not doing what you're suppose to,
making themselves seem, to really care but in fact they are attached to you like leaches, because
my friend, you are to them, a re-use battery. In fact when someone that is in recovery from one of those blocqued or depressive state" because they don't paint, draw or write it is like a magnet.

It is so easy' not to do what your suppose to, in fact it is almost trilling and the more talented you are the bigger the excuse, You might look at some ones else's Art (some one that is doing what he or she is suppose to) and say, Oh' you see that Artist is not all that,.. because I can do better than him, etc... and the other.. you're so " friend", Of course you can!, but I understand how... how... feel..take it easy'..., don't force your self, etc... just what you need it to hear' right? You know you are suppose to, pick that pencil up, brush and write,.. write,..and write, but,.. but,.. you are not forcing your self...just like you're friend told you so..Right?

It is like two drunken man, on the street, looking at each other, wile one of them say_ you know" I'm tired of being like this, and would like to feel and be sober at least once'. And the other one opens and cheer's and pass the bottle,... on to the one that just said, he wanted to change.

In fact it it said that some addicts loose their friendships when they are trying to Recover, and that might happen to you, and you see the years you being hanging out with this friend' (s) and feel sad... Well in order for you to Paint, Draw, and Write you must, let go of those who agree with you when you are not.

It takes courage, and is a long process but it is all worth it!, Once you start painting, drawing and writing again you must safeguard your self', because you would be called Selfish, different and God knows what else accused off'. But don't let them take you back in to your old habits and pick your pencil and force yourself to do so.

Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness Shakti Gawain

All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel heat strike the skin, a delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under the flesh.
Doris Lessing

Snipers are people who undermine your efforts to break unhealthy relationship patterns.
Jody Hayes

To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you, you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.
Robert Louis Stevenson

I was often thinking of my self being a Shark since I am well,... an Artist and we are sharks of the depths constant lurking in the waters for an opportunity, but Ive found out!, I'm a dolphin. I'm here to help.