Monday, August 30, 2010

When She Paints

This Painting is dedicated to all those beautiful people that have stood by me, at all times, even during a period in my life where it was difficult to see light. The background used is as High" as possible finished under the sun, in my back yard...

with the same passion that this guy has!! on this video take a look at the pianist! I get like that when I indescriptible! Only those whom paint/write/musicians/work with hands/etc... understand the feeling. when you are done with something you created and stare at it, and say hmmm' yes this is it, when you use all you're senses when you go on the Zone whatever you might call it. It does gives respect makes it all worth it.


The fields of Poppies is a combination of a landscape in PA and also a beautiful panorama from my Mornings Runs, Where you can see this flowers grown in just one place, absolutely breath taking. Noticed the washes where kept thinly rather, watery for both of them. My main focus was the sky and how the droplets of water seem to elongate the view...done in Canson 90Lb 185 G measures'12" X 18" 30,5 X45,7 cm for both paintings.

Very light washes almost transparent even tho is gouache' The Light blues conveys peaceful and rest within the yellowish to green planes. This is all about colors and how to add them in compositions.

The Landscape was taking from a quick photograph in our family trip to Pennsylvania. I just love the amazing fields of corn and farms, they have and thought to portray the peace in them, The original picture has many cows in them. Want to leave that particular one' for another painting later on.

The trees where elongated and added in a large medium, and small continuously... trying and separate the fields on the background with the trees to give a nice flow of view to the painting. This Paintings will be soon framed and or matted to be featured in Etsy for details.

Thanks for viewing my work and for keeping up with me, it is truly a pleasure' I have met so many wonderful beings so many names that will fill out this entire page, and for that I'm So Very Grateful, Painting is my life, with in me since very little, I don't know anything else, a painters life is think, eat, breathe and paint Art.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Insanity is curable'

In real life..

Since We moved here and it has being over 3 years. My neighbors see me as a strange thing' and they are probably right...but let's keep to the topic..shall we'.. what they see is me with a bunch of broken junk, seemingly looking at the sun, like I'm on a quest or playing pirates!, with Canvases big and small' orchestrating what appears to them' a big looney show. All dressed up photographing the floor!!!

At least for the one's in the front yard this is well' hmmmmm normal" even the neighborhood crackhead ask me what was I on??... So all is cool' I guess' at the moment. but, the backyard neighbor.. She just stares at me' with an AWE' on her face' siting on her porch'. This happens frequently specially wile writing in a journal ... and then taking out a big peace of paper and splatter paint, on it, I'm pretty sure' is clear to her I'm nuts!

I' got this somewhat smile' in my face, of satisfaction on not pay much attention to the matter because, what They don't know is that I'm actually working! oh' and should be thankful I don't take the congas out or the maracas' that will give something to talk about, no?

But Really' what I see'... is the Lights where it's coming from?, interesting objects', Linear... perspective, different tonality of blues in the sky, It is great to take pictures laying the canvas on the ground, much more clearer, To grasp that northern day light sometimes is so difficult, specially with a crappy camera like mine, those Shadows casts with movement, compositions, How the paint behaves in different surfaces, techniques, a great start an need to write down process, painting formulas, because my life is not programmed on the contrary, it needs spontaneity' to be free' breathing the Air to connect with the simplicity of nature, to be whom I am in peace' unclogged of the unnecessary' and being able to Create.

Friday, August 20, 2010

La Mujer de Feist

"Loin d'un visage cher
tous les jours sont d'hiver"

Tiene una cara' muy linda creo que es francesa la chica, no estoy segura' me gusta esa frase la encuentro muy bonita. I muy apropiada para la pintura, y si en realidad ella es francesa' pues..con mas vera' Es pequena la hice en una libreta de acuarala arriba de unos garabatos de los chicos.

La empeze, con un tono Verde y cuando la vi, me acorde de que es o mas marron o mas verde y es que este verde aceituna es muy bueno para omitir luz, ahora me gusto este estilo' mucho mas que el primero, pero bueno, nunca voy a estar satisfecha...tengo que admitir soy, un poco dura' y tanbien perfeccionista, muy rara vez pero si, tengo mis malamanas.

Es ciertas pinturas, que me pongo bien seria, y con una mirada punsante y no veo a nadie ni oigo!! hasta que las termino'. Los que me conocen habeces se asustan de mi mirada profunda, una cara de perra, que muerde.. pero tu tienes que entender de donde vengo, si tienes una mirada dulce, te sacan los ojitos con un tenedor'.
apezar de todo, amo a la gente y creo en ella', muchos pienzan estas loca' pero no, creo que todos merecen una oportunidad y eh aprendido a no jusgar antes de conocer.

Pero de todas formas en cuanto a mi manera de ser, y que importa' Lo que importa es que haga mi trabajo continue en este' dilema que pintando es como se me quita...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rihana Portrait Oil Pastels

Has a Great Pop' look to it, by far one of my favorites...capturing her personality, what rocks about her is her wonderful haircut' is a quick painting' after a very long tired day... painting to end up with an nice soup Btw.

Oh' I get those days, Do you?...after a wile, went outside did some digging, pulled some weeds took some pages off my diary, pour coffee in them... and then to breathe' again.

Progress so far Still Life Pomegranate

The Idea Pomegranate Juice, for some reason! great fruit to study and study some more! jeweled like seeds inside are one of the must difficult, subjects to master.
In my opinion, under-layers squinting the eyes and going back re doing it over and over, this include fast sketching and also time.

Repetition, in this case, the problem was to incorporate a green background' and lifting up the seeds instead of dropping them scattered, but did not convinced me.

by far an entire day, has pass and to this one, applied some varnish and letting it dry, the good thing about it is, you can always come back to it and add more layers of oil pastels. Not yet done' but patience is key.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some one asked me recently So...What is you're mission? I then, remember one of my friends saying we need to be like monks and paint..until no more... That really was a heartfelt, statement and in a way' true, One must Go on' continue pushing that brush until no more...

My mission will be to sit down one day and say, I did that, and yes I did that one too..and oh I remember that one' very much, so when I'm blind or can not move anymore if there's to be... and by that time, I still remember,...feel happy and content' of the things accomplished. nothing else..because in this life there's always going to be gaps and holes unfinished and things to experiment so the next generation can see, and not to just go for one..but for everything their hearts desire' and pass on to the next.

This is for my children to continue carry on, respectful of others following the golden rule, not to earn anything' in return, but as good people ought to be, because I don't own anything else more valuable than this, in hopes that one day you see,.., nevertheless you three are my Masterpieces!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Oil Pastels Apples Still Life

This Painting portraying here a Still Life of Apples in Oil Pastels the video will be done soon!... Happy with this one, and appreciate the great response, The paintings are getting.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Philadelphia China Town

This Art Work, made in Acrylic and Watercolors, just finished today, 22" by 30" opting for a very bright high key palette, The painting has very few details in it, like some words. Simply loving The cultural and beautiful colors of this street.

Re arranging the buildings by giving them a slanted almost curved perspective, seem to have worked for the painting advantage, repeating color to give a definition of depth in the left. The sky, high blues and orange where completely exaggerated. Some of the characters and people where just like, posing for the actual picture.

The Work is on display at The Studio.

Strawberry miniature painting part

Strawberry Still Life miniature Painting Demo

Strawberry Still Life miniature Painting Demo

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Painting

Made from memory, again fighting with universal colors isn't funny
but managed, , Have eaten so much eggs in life that form is easy subject for me yet, the structure of the egg is not simple, One need to understand, what is in the inside?

Training the Eye'

for example The egg Yolk is an embryo and it has a shadow that shadow is blueish to purple, notice also how the transparency of light comes trough' on the subject the reflection of the light in the human eye, but more than that, painting an egg that serves it's purpose in this case, the painting is explaining this egg is for something else ' than eating.

I see an egg for the first time, yes, just like any subject mind is trained to act as it has amnesia and never seeing an egg before, So it must ask, What do you see?, better then' What colors comes out?, This is what mind says ....well' the eye sees purples, grays, light browns, it has orange ohh and yellows, isn't that like something inside?? so it is not hollow then,'s heavy has a shadow, see it has a narrow tip, it is not round but an oval, it goes around if its moves, Then the palette comes out for the egg, it is not brown but an Oqure, Yellow with burnt umber, with greys and blues Oh mind is working properly now, ...what makes it an egg?' Comes from an animal it is life also, so this paintings are done by layers following form ,shadow, structure making it as simple as possible of course'.

This painting gave me so much pleasure' being working on a series of landscapes, faces all day so it is good to rest the eyes.

The colors Scheme for this one, is very simple, just complimentary as for the mortar' well' I went on to give it an old master Layer, but wanted the painting to say me, and as you already know.. know' the Rules but never ,follow :( So a White line, but not much' of a deal right?

The Out line, in this case directs the eyes, to the Right completely disappearing both the egg the background the a flash of memory..seems to be painted in an instant just like the idea for this painting, see a Rug there's a painting, the neighbors dog, there goes another painting, look at that' look up there's an Idea!, they follow me everywhere coming to me like when a writers gets an Idea, for a novel it is a fire..I must tamed it by painting more!!. The mind at this point keeps saying encore' encore' but easy'.

Will I play with the egg again? Of course' this is part of practice and an awesome game, and tamed that fire that burns,.. if I don't paint.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oil Pastels Still Life Painting

Here is one of my latest Still Life sketch's done in Oil Pastels.

I would love to post the entire...process with in time for you to follow slowly.

This one was made as a quick sketch took around 1 hour or so.. ok not so quick', still I will re arrange the words on the bottom after cambell's.. so it can look more like the real thing.. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nudes in Pastels

I found that a little difficulty never hurt any one' the background was plain, so it was a task to add color, in returned a depth was created between layers, that is hard to recreate, remembering the process for this one, wile making notes of the similarity between two sketches. pushing trough the night with this one'. I noticed after applying certain highlights it creates movement '.

2nd Sketch
A desire to become better at figurative drawing, but as great as it is, I have far' to many responsibilities. have heard of this before yet, it is hard to recognized it that im on...waiting... so I trow my self to the mercy of the clock pushing trough,' I guess today, was a good day, and Acrylics was not the medium of calling or either , watercolors.

Today was for Oil Pastels to give dignity to this misinterpreted medium as a little less behaved than others' must admit but still not as difficult as watercolors, no . This sketch, to look for the model was simple, decided to go for a tone background, the highlights seem to come out easily off the paper, Used a different model , a little more on the hips, with all respect to the model of course' because beauty is what we make of it, not what we see'.

Must admit that, the palette needs to be expanded, so it to makes it more broad, wanting to see more purples and a more realistic look on both', I'm I satisfied? No never, so must continue..

ACEOS Abstracts The Power of Color"


Chocolate Mint

Orange Cream

Broken Jeans

Friday, August 6, 2010

What She Looks Like


Beauty is in the Beholder's eye' ;)

The Korean Guy

As seen in YouTube! ;)

Passion For Music is Superb' this is a little tribute' to the Korean Guy sorry about that'
but I don't know you're name.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The making of I love Baseball Titled the "Teaser"

The Teaser

The painting was started at first with laying down the primary colors and adding some Shadows yellow Oqure was added for both figures, dark brown or burnt amber was then added to give emphasis to the hand. Makes this a conversational peace. please note: that the background is added with the same strength to the figure on the right, so the view stays on the figure left.

second and third layers where added some more lights to the clothes of the figure left and both of their faces where kept with the same tonal value, at this point the Red color (crimson) was added to the right figure in different shades or tones, burnt umber was then lightly added to the face as well. no factions yet where made, at this point thinking... to dare' or not?

Stand back yes, you must at this point checking that the entire picture looks well" and not all crooked or flat. perspectives where checked and of course you made the picture you're own by changing positions if you see the left figure, let's call it figure A is more higher than the right figure B. This also let's the viewer know that there's movement ( motion) in the two subjects)
more Red was added the watercolors in this case are used not in a transparent way, but the brush is loaded in color!. It is important to learn and fill the brush with the right amount of water.

Here, I said I Dare'!! and gave the figure A the well deserved cartoon expression, this is all to really give emphasis focusing on the hands, and standing position. The shirt was also loaded up on Red Crimson color, and White Gouache was added to the hand, that is carrying some thing a shirt' or blanket. Note:when it comes to logo's etc. Do not completely paint them down as they are, just give a suggestion.

I had to cook, clean etc, so came back with the interesting idea' and the bulb was Full ON" of how from the same palette, you can construct any other form or painting..this cutie came out :), The socks where added with black and white paint, reminds me of a skater'. and also that we need to get back to the other painting :) shall we??Let's do this....

Now The Darks by darks I mean Dark's don't be stingy' with them, in this Illustration they are what is going to make both figures pop out, in the belt was added, also he's shirt wish makes it more vivid, Note: I separate both individuals using Dark and last but not least' The ( taser) has Dark =viewer (eyes) bounce. from one side to the other'.

Moments of truth' the hand on the right is finished adding nail, pants and shadows are just in tonal value as a suggestion, all the folds in the clothes, pointing upwards towards the figure A The faces, factions where completely changed, this was done by looking in the mirror..locating the bones looking at other humans, sticking tongue' make sure that the face is reflecting it's message wish is _ I got You!! Hold'n in a.. comical and satirical way, The right figure B The factions where Oh He.. does!! get it!
note: How the C is emphasizing the viewers eyes to follow figure B?, interesting, right?

This is to baseball Fans out there' in hopes that the painting, has being explained in full. Must of all Have some serious Fun!

New Painting

The Abstract Absence Explained

Kandinsky is one of my favorites when it comes to abstract art, in the sense that he was also a very spiritual man, I'm not going forth with the usage of different forms to get to the point of doing he's abstracts, just to the use of spirituality.

In this Abstract the usage of color as a simuli of what Pain and Suffering means to the human mind, mine in this case, the colors Red and Blue where both added in different ways. One as a pulsating effect inflicting" on top left , and the other, as a splattered, both of them pushing towards the floor, in this segment in the middle with a mix of both cerulean blue, maples yellow and a touch of white.

The conversing picture will tell you that the use of gold could be represented by any anime form or living thing', could even include humans, the complications or relationships in between to mediums like gesso and the own paint mix well in this case.

The purples comes in, as a mix of different crimsons and a very coagulant orange in other words very light' can be mix with any other colors, this one was added in to the purple mix and whites to become some what a soup. let's relate this to human sorrows or even unanswered questions. Just as life the painting is very complicated and not understandable to the full.

Yellow is symbolic for sickness, greens is more related, but wanted that yellow to pop out of the canvas with out usurping the other colors, so it becomes palpable, sickness is there' but it is not over taken the entire picture. black was then added as a last result with the palette knife, was then compressed in to curves to give it an swim effect, and let the eyes swim with the view. I tend to do this with every painting.

The composition, really there's no composition just a layer of feeling after feelings, to complete a painting, what you want to make of it is priceless, you must forbid preconceive ideas when coming down to Abstract paint. I know some of this don't make sense' but this is why is here, complicated, deep, usurping, intrepid, ambitions, airy desires and truth. My eyes are as deep as they can overcome any textural endeavor' and complicating owned exhausting emotions.

What meets the eye, it is to the person that is viewing their own passage not mine, I just do what I must wish is to paint.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Epic Moments in My Life

Questions Unanswered

I have encouraged my self to keep going no matter what. like that commercial from Orbitz gum that cleans you're dirty mouth' I also have a mental, That Was Eassy! Button all my life, even when time has being grimmer' I had to laugh' and to my thinking, this is what has kept me a float and sane' or better say insane'..either or I am here and happy to share with you one of my stories.

Recently Ive was asked, Do you get a chance to get organized after vacations etc?.. I said Ohh Yess, very serious, and then... answered_ I just trow their clothes to each of their respective rooms like a Frisbee, and keep on going. My laundry looks like a War Zone, and said it Clean Eastwood style... The ( lady) looked at me'.
and I looked in to the horizon, and said _I can't believe I just said that!! laughing inside.

Well,.. some of you, have known, some not, but I had a freak accident two months ago and it is just like everything else, in my life, sounds like a joke really, very little was said about the entire O'deal because I am that way, have managed some how to be on denial all my life,...even when the doctors gave me the news of my past pregnancies, I still said, ahh' it could have being a mistake'...., and for my third child, I did not went to my visits until 5 months past.

I am a hard headed person, must admit, until I don't see blood coming out of every single hole' I don't back down..ok that didn't sound as right.. but you understand..? back to the O'deal, and some might say oh' you wimp, but no kidding, it is not funny or wimp, it is a major reality specially when you are like me. Yes, I am hard on my self. Often in my head, I am Racclif and also Julian Michaels but sadly in my reality, my inner voice sounds more like Richard Simmons having a melt down' ...

As I don't mean to make this a personal blah blah' because I hate that! it is good that sometimes I let it out, it makes me more human less .. complicated, any ways, to make the story short, what happened? was devastating and by devastated, I mean devastated, did I mention I was...ok enough with that joke'.

let me explain this all happened to soon, I remember was in a hurry because it was 2:00pm and wanted to do my feet with one of those portable feet spa's, because I can't afford paying, 25 dollars every week, to the hot Korean guy,..' oh" he is, believe me.' Any ways.. I had it already set up, that same day, I had clean the entire house, and talk over the phone with mother, whom asked me for the third time, If I cleaned my colon. Yes,.. she is in to that stuff' you don't want to go there' believe me!!

The 7 yr old, got hanged by a hook from the neighbors yard, it was very funny, and I know you must be asking How? well simple...because you know a person like me also, had to have, that special child, that one" is the middle child, often leaves me, pulling my hair out, I got the Do gro' shampoo and conditioner....

Any ways, he climbed up, with an stick whom they used, to balance, them selves and being able to see in to the neighbors yard, but their plan got sabotaged and I say they, because my 5 yr old was the instigator'. all I heard is ,..when he got hanged by he's shirt..Was Please help me!!!!...and I did laugh' for a second' and then in my mind, I asked often if I should have left him there a bit longer..??

So.. I went down running, and took him down, and he looked at me all in shame' and scared,.. but believe me, three days lasted, and he was already in trouble, boys will be boys'.., since then he had never dare' done it, as specifically as the first time. The reason was.. to just see a puppy', the neighbors had. My heart got very little' and I really thought this was it, I'm happy, it all turned out well'

I saw Jesus

When I went daughter was waiting for me to do her Hair, and as I went with all force with the corner of the bed, wish is real hard wood, I heard a crack' when I looked down it happened that the toe got bunked, against the corner', and I took it like it was..a bunked toe, because, I have never had anything broken in my life, kept on walking like nothing reaction was a joke' in denial, No, it is not broken, and my face was pale' nevertheless' I soaked that baby in... and did a pedicure' on my feet. Like it was a glorious moment.

2 hours passed and the toe got black, and when I touch it, I screamed my heart out, the pain was so horrible I passed out ,... I got up, and waited again, until husband was home, but wait, there's more soon as my husband got home, I told him with a smile' hey you!, what's up?..ohh well' guess what?,..I think... not sure,' my toe is broken.. what should I do? He said let's go to the hospital mary...and _Ohhh' hospital.. I got other issues' with hospitals.

The Flash backs

I said hmmmm, let's wait till tomorrow..alright' and when tomorrow came, my foot was purple, like I could painted a face and it was Barney, I hated that show!! btw. so it is broken!, I said oh crackers' another bill... and rushed to the hospital, I went gave my data all smiley to the receptionist, The nurse" told me are you in pain? and he ask the Stupider question of all times,... you know, the from 1 to 10.... 1 being no 10 being Im dying, question, You know what?, they should stop asking that question.

So I said ehhh' No, not really, but, don't touch me!!,..Have you ever seeing the Cat in the hat movie?..when the cat is telling the other cat.. all the obvious stupid questions, He said something like...I will get you... and it would look like a bloody accident"

I gave him the look, alright' and he rushed me in to the "not so hurt" room, because they where all smiling in there', and making jokes, seriously there' was a guy laughing that had casts all over he's body he's fingers out. I'm thinking" the doc gave him some serious stuff' poor guy..' any make the story short, I was there, and then...because I also have the sudden urinalities syndrome", I had to go pee, . apparently they where all worry' and called me in the intercom!! the entire hospital heard me screaming, _I'm in the bathroom!!!!!!

Jumping in one foot, because I refused to be in a wheel Chair!, I went in to this room... My flash back came... and started thinking, when I had my children...Ohhh I got hysterical" and sat down in the chair, not in the bed. but the nurse insisted, for me to go in the bed. So very reserved sat down in it..., I meant.. I sat down, facing, the nurse,.. who smiling asked me,.. would you like some cocaine...?, I'm messing with you ,..he ask me if I wanted some codeine' wish is almost the same thing, but oh yes, "is all good" I said is okey, if I need it, I will let you know. smiling', I'm stupid, now, I think should've have asked for two bottles', but yes, sometimes we do not think at the moment.

The call in to the XRAY

Why, there's always a meeting in the Xray room? it is always a bunch of people, eating and making jokes, probably hiding from the doctors, seriously that is what it looks like, there' goes our taxes..hahaha' any ways, the lady that was the Xray lady or the Xray monitorator"... she was in there' yapping and yapping, you know what that means...I waited in there like half an hour.. but it was alright, I heard the entire stupid conversation, and said to my self I'm thankful, only got a broken toe...*

" let it sink in. ....I know...The XRay's where done .

Back to the Happy Room'

In the room, the smiling nurse comes by and asks again, are you sure?, you don't want anything, for the pain?, and I said no, is ok, Thank You, Im ok,..because remember" im in denial!, After having so many babies I just don't simulate pain like other people.

The Recipe

He went on to look for the doctor at that point, I was hungry fed up' of hoping, and tired. He comes up and tells me- you see here'.. that line in you're toe this means, you slashed you're toe in half, and you might have to stay in rest for 4 weeks.

What I got from the visit?, this horrible light turquoise blue and white shoe that looks like a boot, I said is not that bad, it could have being purple! or Bright orange! I have a skirt that matches it, the next day, wearing an blue and white skirt, so it looked like Summer', but if you looked closer you could see my purple toe.

At the same time Very Great News' The unplanned vacation YESS!...

Finished Oil Landscape Video

Landscape Oil Painting Video shadows to be added soon! :)