Saturday, November 29, 2014

Watercolor painting apples Still life with Parrot Tulip in watercolors New Painting

Watercolor painting apples Still life with parrot tulip in watercolors New Painting 2014

It's been so long  haven't been able to do a blog absolutely trilled in how art collectors and people that have followed the work has responded after an entire year of oblivion consumed in my personal life and not been able to blog frequently. Now more than ever have observed and  know the importance of having art in my life in our lives in general, want to take this moment to thank of all you for your immense support. 

Every time there's a decision to make a painting it  gets super exciting, like a child, and when is finished we want to share it with the world. But all this  accomplishments talking in a more personal level, can not by any means be possible with out the support of Great People in my life.

So now, about the work, the artwork it's what's called using negative space to your advantage, where you can apply paint to a desire form, leaving white paper as guidance a very cool way to approach in watercolors. Getting awesome results and a oil like painting although that is not the goal, because watercolors has been proven to be an fantastic medium.