Friday, January 29, 2010

Pork Chops Apple and Eggnoodles

Pork Chops Apple and  Creamy Noodles

1 package yolk free noodles (NO Yolks)

 Apples you can use any kind I used

2 1/2 Tablespoon butter

1 Small Shallot finely chopped

1/4 pork seasoning (Any Kind) preferably a rub

1 cup Chicken broth

2 clove Garlic (optional)

1 cup chicken broth with herbs and veggies

1 package of Newfchatel cheese

1/2 cup Fresh Shredded Parmegiano

1/4 sour cream

Lean Family Pack Pork Chops 

 Salt an Pepper



Fresh Basil 

1/4 white wine

Slice apples  adding one tablespoon butter in a sauce pan over medium heat add apples an shallots around 5 to 8 minutes until apples are brown , Remove to a small paper plate or bowl and set a side.

Add the remaining butter' Two clove fresh minced Garlic ,Paste works fine', to a Nonstick pan, until melting point add the seasoned pork chops add wine, brown the pork chops make sure both side have a nice texture an is cooked thoroughly takes around 3 minutes on each side. Set a side'

wipe out the drippings from the pan with a clean paper towel Add the chicken broth add the cheeses together until it melts add the pasta last  add sour cream an combined sauce should be thickened .

Place the Pork chops with the apples on top of the  Pasta, for a sensational an tasty combination of flavors Enjoy!

Makes 5 Servings

My Special Thanks* To the Philadelphia Cream cheese Peeps!* for their inspiring Recipes'.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicken Vegetable Stew

1 1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut in to 1- slanted inch pieces

1 cup White Wine of your preference' Wine makes the chicken happy!

1 large green pepper and red pepper cut in to Strips

1 Small white Onion, chopped

1 Can crushed Tomatoes (about 14 ounces) w basil preferred

1 cup 8 ounces fat-free reduced sodium chicken broth

1 small Can Mushrooms

1 Can Sliced Potatoes

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 pound Adamame beans

1 pound chopped celery

1 teaspoon dried sage

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon Parsley

1 teaspoon Oregano

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1. Add the Oil to Pan or Skillet heat over medium-high heat. Sprinkle chicken with Salt and Pepper Cook chicken 4 minutes or until light sighly browned make it happy Add the wine'.

2. Add Veggies , tomatoes broth, potatoes and seasoning Simmer uncovered, 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Makes 6 servings

Perfect companions?

Couscous or White Rice oh erm. don't forget the wine' Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worry about those Eye circles?

I've being asked lots of times on products and make up that I use, as well for those whom don't know I am a Make up Artist/Artist/mom/wine tester/runner/' !. sticking the tongue at you' smiling' yes there' is in my nauture to follow Beauty' wish comes from the inside to express the outside that's why I believe that all Women are beautiful .

Thanks Again

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video Blog Cards Posting when im not drawing'

Hi there' I want to take this time to Thank all' for those wonderful comments and inspiring words" I was doing a set of cards and decided to do a video blog about it in hopes that you all enjoy" Thanks Again!
Your Friend
The Artist

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Portrait

There's something about it' that impresses me' ' even I didn't liked it at first it stirs me and makes me feel uncomfortable some how' I definitely over worked it and spent to much thinking how to position the eyes'

I am thinking after doing 4 commissions and the rest of the projects, it has a lot to do with me being exhausted and not enjoying the process' I will relax an will come back to it.

New painting in Gouache

My New Painting In Gouache

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take A Stand Brake The Cycle!

Domestic Violence Hot Line 1-800-799-SAFE

I wanted to do a reminder of what is important as well' and to make sure that I am contributing in Taking a Stand against Violence! By contributing in a small part as a reminder for Women and Children that are Passing trough Physical Mental and Sexual Abuse' Stop Violence! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Get Informed!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Recent Works

Recent Works

Vine Charcoal and Compressed Charcoal Self Portrait

Ya mismo se va la belleza Maria!

The Beauty will be over soon Mary!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Video Blog Fail...

I thought about sharing this video with you of me trying to make a video blog. I forgot what I was going to say. I'll try this again later but for know I think I'll stick with still images.

Simple Spinach and Tomato Salad

Rich Tomatoes, can you Resist that Gorgeous Red color? This cold weather has being really harsh for them more so for the  Farmers.  It is a harsh, but cold winter here in the South, as the farmers say..what!!? You didn't knew what the Groundhog told me?...

I found some beautiful Nice Cherie Tomatoes and I was thinking hmmm, should I cooked them? Then I  say, you silly mary! cook'm! eat'm! love'm! and then take pictures lot's an lot's of pictures! 

I often ask  I'm I  the only one that gets so excited when  pouring hot pasta in the colander?  When she sees Mario Batali shredding that Parmegiano Ohhhh' toes curl'!

So yes... besides Running/ Painting and Wine testing" I admit I have a  Passion for Food!  Specially healthy one's.

I can't say I am the all puritan" all  green saint' nope I pretty much eat everything from fruits, pasta, beans veggies and yes Pizza. But with moderation of course'

  ...So as you know with camera ready and fork!  and  here it is!,  included a recipe for a simple and lush healthy salad that can be accompanied by  any Jealous  Meat'

Simple Spinach and Tomato  Salad

A Bag of  Spinach

1 lb Cherie Tomatoes

Would you  like to do the vinaigrette?   Here is The Recipe:

1 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 Cup RedWine Vinegar

 1 Tbs. Dijon Mustard 

1Tsp  of Sugar

1 Tbsp. Olive Oil or Canola

1/4Ground Garlic 

and yes my beloved  Parmigiano-Reggiano for the Salad

Washed the Spinach  Several Times if you have a Salad Spinner it is very convenient' 

 Add The Cherie Tomatoes

Sometimes Simple is better: and soothing" Your protein will be, The   Spinach! you are not only consuming Vitamins. But for those of us with lot's to do! Energy!!!

Don't have the Time to do  vinaigrette? I Recommend  Balsamic Vinaigrette called OlDE CAPE COD 
It could be used as a marinade Too!
you can  add some bacon or croutons if you like'

So here is to You and to My Dear Tomatoes!

Cheers! Salute'  Bon appetite! y Buen Provecho!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To be a Good Listener'

Who I'm I?

Think of me as your friend One that knows exactly how you feel'   I am going to introduce you  later to my story an why I feel it is important that you read this, specially if you are passing trough pain.
 I do Believe Your Higher Self Plays an Important Part in all ' But You Must do also your part'    Patience is Key towards Recovery, we all have it,  but as human we fail  and often forget.

Can a person just by listening  help, yes indeed  Can you experiences help others? Yes it can! There is going to be people aching and We the listeners will be here. Someone that listens relates to you holds your hands cries with you if they have to feels your pain. but most importantly that person also helps you  not with their opinions but by listening.

Let me Introduce You to My Story and what makes me a Qualified Listener'

The Year 2007 The Month January

I Remembered very well' and would never forget it!, I got a Phone Call, and there is  a  broken voice"

D. Hello, I am not coming home............ I am very sick'

I Got Cancer..................... silence...................................

 I don't know If I am going to make it 

After One month  he lost 50lb  skin was  pale he was  dying and very fast!,    there'  I could see a person 'a  resemblance of who he was' but this time' I saw death' and  I began to cry'. I ask then   What can I do to help?,  The Answer:  Listen!

This is only a fraction of My Story, but That  I believe That changed My Life For the Better' and charged me with all that I can to help others,  To see Life in a Positive' way  is not  always a simple task, but it's possible!',   ' Life is beautiful! Do you believe it?,  ' We must learn to Embrace it  an Love'

   My Story Turned out as a Happy Ending! D  is now 28 yrs old.

  There is Hope', I am here with You',  I would walk with you' I would not Let Go! Don't suffer by Your self  I am here' to help and Listen!.

Learning to Love back, Loving Life Laughing at the silliest things, contemplating The horizon A beautiful  Sunset , Or  just at the Park  People passing by' smiling back at you  there goes that old couple!'    Children running  free  you breathe again............. Life!  This are the joys of Life in it's simplest of forms'   What  makes You smile? tell me.....What makes you ache'? .....................

 Your Artist Friend
Mary by the way you are also a listener'

 If you or someone you know,  have being diagnosed with Cancer,  For More Info visit  Patience and community  doctors affiliations organizations medicine all related information  Art is a great part to heal for more information on how you can help  Mentors Community Campaigns Related Leukemia and Cancer Society  and Lance Armstrong a cancer survivor that is doing all he can to help others with the disease 

Would you Like to share your Story with me  feel free to contact


Monday, January 11, 2010

I Take My coffee Black with Three Sugars"

Besides your higher self and spiritual power' theres always someone that you look up to!, that you learned from and  Love! a person  you feel in tune with in my case is  My Mother' She  is a very special lady,  a beautiful person and whom I would like to dedicate today's blog!

My mom's name is Ana she is a very strong  and a  powerful person in my life" an whom inspires me each and everyday, she wakes up smiling an singing very early 5:00 am she is up! reads her bible, makes her coffee an puts her red lipstick on  I can never top that!,  I would tell you  a bit about her an why I pay her  so much Admiration and Respect.

I am going to tell her story as short as possible.  She was born in 1943 lived  with her Mom a widow single mother whom  raised her three daughters by her self her mother never remarried, Mother is the eldest next, her sister whom we called Yayin who rescently passed away' and her youngest Sister Lidia.

In Puerto Rico at that time most of the people used to work in the sugar fields or Tobacco or even Coffee plantations, My Grandmother worked there for a period of Ten years.  Mother helped grandmother at home an also in the fields as well as taking care of her two sisters,  Mother only got trough 6 th grade an then she had to quit school'

At the Age of 13 she was Pregnant with my Big brother whom we called Marcelino then was Maria Dolores then Followd Martha and Jose the youngest, this are the children  from her  first marriage from what happened to be a very abusive and disastrous relationship. She was horrified by  this man whom was way' older than her, him  being already a 42 year old,  finally after  coming in to an agreement and plies with My Grandmother she  fled from  home an moved to United States where she worked in a sewing company , by that time she was 16 yrs old.

The years passed an she met her second husband Rafael  and establish her self, She thought  was a good Idea  for her Oldest  children also  to come in and live with her, they where already teenagers, but despite her try's   the  relationship was weakened.  I corroborated the story with my Aunts and Grandmother wish specifically tell the story the same way!. Until this day it is a harsh topic between my first brothers and sisters.  Except one',  whom recognizes mothers situation at the time and  heartfelt  Love'. 

Mother had 5 more children  Two of them  died After three Days in the hospital, then My brother Rafael whom we Called Papo was  born, followed by My sister Jenny. The death of my  two baby brothers  bring a lot of  grief and sorrow, she promised not to have anymore children  but by  then   Kenny was born in 1973.

What  impressed me about her story, is that Mother never stopped working! even when her second marriage was about to fail she travel with her three Children back and forth on foot under many  Snow Storms! Mother did not  gave up! she had strength and courage even when she knew  her second marriage was over!.

Her second husband whom was an repeatedly drunkard and  a big time cheater' had a child with another women.  Mother saw this, as an opportunity to go back home an re unite all her children and try once again , She wanted  to establish a Relationship with them, but then again proved a failure' making things more complicated, Mother always trough out all this worked, she cooked for the locals ,sold her goods, did construction work sold hand made clothing, clay ceramics made by hand even Iron pots, She did   everything in her power to put a plate in the table and  give to her children and maintained her self.

When She met Father and got engaged, I was born The Year,  1977  by now The Tenth child!,  Mother says,I was born premature 7 months later. She said she had an option but, that  I was a blessing.   I wonder if it was the case with me,  would I have done the same?. Father had a Tall Athletic figure an was a Very good looking man a hard worker but then again,  a  Big time flirt! whom bought  Mother more grief ,' But she knew to  call it quits and never looked back!.

What I cherished  about mother is  that despite all her troubles' with Men' and  family' she never thought of her self being the Victim" always a  hardworker and a well respected til This Day, she has the  strongest will and  character that you have ever met' when she don't like something, she let's You know!, teaching me that despite her low resources an no school, she Was and is a  Business women! Mother is  65 yrs old and have never stopped, she drives a Standard Sports Car, you can call that an Cool Grandma' each and every day  she never thinks of her experiences not as a past  failure' but  as a Learning experience!

Not to long  she became the primarily care taker of her second husband,  He got very ill  had two heart attacks wish left him paralyzed .  With out  no pay! Just as a favor wile My brothers an Sister worked an supported their families!.

The Chores where to  clean' and  bathe' him  is not as simple as it sounds, she and her youngest  sister had to move him in and  out of  the bed, keeping constant monitoring  at all times, often  had  to  carry  him ,  I always  looked with admiration,  because I knew very well, whom he was,  He was very well taken care off, I saw Karma' but in a good way". I stood quiet looking with respect, despite of the horrible things he made her go trough,  she was there,...  taking care of him!.

It  was very emotional seeing that  he was very conscious of how well he was being treated, often crying and holding her hands asking to be forgiven. My mother replied constantly: it has being forgotten! Rafael, I don't know what you're talking about!!., She didn't felt sorry or saw him as a charity" on the contrary treated him with a  lot of  Respect until he passed away in  2008 In My brothers Arms.

At those moments when he constantly refused to get up, or  when he yelled and cursed, even to my brothers  I often asked, because I am always joking  Ma'  you never want to give him some pawpao?   what we called discipline in Spanish. Any one that has or is  taking  care of a loved one knows that ain't easy. It Requires a lot of Patience and Love and certainly don't do well if you hide certain feelings towards that person.

 Mother Answered:   Don't you know? that you must treat others as you would like to be treated! to be able to forgive, taking everything that bothers you  from your heart, Doing so  is as truth and fullfilling as Life it self'! We Must forgive and Forget!, and keep going' Because  I want to live longer!'  Oh' Mom I sighted and nodded  with a  smile*

I Have Learned  from Her Lots!' Wisdom, Admiration and  Respect  from her experiences, specially with Men and  How  to  deal  and talk to other  people  looking always towards their good qualities and  not to be so judgmental', but to get to  know them better. Even tho' I Had some College,  she reminded me  that books  don't   teach you about Life, and no one's knows what to expect,  but rather  how you deal with  your own circumstances".

To Know when  a Relationship isn't working or when a man is just not worth' To Always  Believe in my Self That  words with out Action don't mean a thing', that sometimes Silent  is better' and wise', To keep on  walking If I see  big holes' in Life  just skip them  and go around".

To Cry for those whom deserve it' But must importantly to  help others as much as I can, To be  a giver" ,  To be strong!,  To Persevere and that  Self Assurance is a gift that is often passed.

  My Mother Still  Dances Merenge and Salsa To the bit of the Drum!she is Always Laughing' and you want to know, what she tells me?...Of course I would get married again, what you think?
 and then she says I take My Coffee To Go! Strong Black and  Three Sugars! and Raise One Eyebrow Lifting her Cup Up'

 This is for You Ma' Bendicion and Cheers"

My Recent Pictures

Food Plays an Important Part of My Life' One because I need it but most importantly when is shared with others Here are some of my Recent pictures Just for fun!

  CaesarSalad Venutos Style!

Playing with Chocolate!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I To Have Battle The Gators!

I think is so important for all artist to respect each other, Our creativity is something unique no matter what we do!, It defines you as a person, is your voice is you.

Some have forgotten what was to be in the beginning of their carriers How difficult it was! How it feels when you starting an you have to go to Art Galleries an have that people look at your work, and say is Shit!

Don't forget about your Artist Friends, those whom are also doing the same, your Ego is nothing! There is always someone that is going to be better than you!

That is Always the Rule, Think deep on why you are in to this profession, if you are Changing Evolving people with your art, what do you want to achieve with your Art, know who you are and your motives, Because if you are doing your Art mainly for the money!, I feel sorry for you!

Lesson learned, that the last will be first! an true Artist are those whom worry about others that loves what they do no matter what the outcome' those whom teach of what is learned. oh" I have learn my ways to not even try such things, an hope that I remain this way'.


The Meaning of Your Beauty

The Meaning of Beauty in a Women

The Persuasive State of mind 

Her Power comes in her Legs

The Strength to give birth

A Smart  complement

Of wisdom and kindness

Her  intuitive self

The  frozen Smile that invites you

The Powerful Survivor

The endurance a hard worker  The women she is the meaning of Beauty, You!

Celebrate the women in your life each and every day!

Women, Can you see your self, your inner beauty? We are unique' Do you see your self as special as I see you? Because you are! Always Remember an tell your self I am Beautiful! Ten Times and  then Twenty and keep going!


you must believe that Beauty is not in the Outside it comes from the inside...

Food is Not Your Enemy!

Sometimes, Or Say most of the time, Self control leaves, and  it leaves you with The Guilt! What I'm referring to? Is about Food!, and the way we should view it,  had this happened to you before? Do you feel the guilt?

  You should know that  you are not alone" many people stop dieting or get discourage easy because of this . They don't want to suffer The Guilt",  We can do better, we learn by our  mistakes!. As many times you fall, Lift your head up strong', pick up yourself  and keep going! Note: next time know your failures and  mark your  limits, viewing food in a  healthy way can help you achieve that.

 Use reason to conquer your feelings Ask your self, and be sincere'  why you are eating, and what? is it out of pleasure' or because you are hungry? make notes of what your eating and  the time , Eat a big Healthy Breakfast and Drink a lot of Water. Always make accessible Fruits and Veggies, this would also be first choice for your children. Their is nothing wrong with a cookie but having an apple as a first choice makes a big  difference,  Remember everything in moderation. You want to feel satisfied but don't overindulge know your limits.

  I hope this was helpful  Thanks

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Sketch in Charcoal

This is The New Charcoal Sketch Made with Vine Charcoal and  Pencil I had to work pretty late Last night finished at 1.00am  It took around 30 minutes.

 I liked that I went rather for the the muscles I also noticed that this time, I seem to have grown,  rather focused on her attitude than just a face.

The Best Way To Release Stress

How often you feel stressed?

Well I Have an simple Exercise That can help you find your Mojo back! with out lifting a finger!

Breathing is incorporated in many  exercises but knowing how to breath it is Far Most Important!  I am Sure' it does works!  So Get Up! and Do it with me!, First Drink a Tall  Glass of  Water!

Lets Begin!

  In the beguining because some of us are not used to breath so  deep, will feel dissy an is perfectly normal it means is working!  Once you know that you are inhaling  the right way,  close your eyes and find a confortable position for you, If is a quiet spot around you, the better!,  count back from 60 to 1 and breath opening your mouth half way to the point that you can hear your self  exhaling.

Let all the Air Out of your Lungs Go and Inhale Again!

Do This until Relaxed! Let go of your thoughts.

 Let the worries go!

let the world go!

count Again 1 to 60 slowly Open your eyes!

Surprised it only took you  Two minutes!  smile and go drink more water! and Resume what you where doing.

Do this during the Day whenever you think is good for you.  Something so simple as breathing replenish your body and nerve system burns calories also helps improves concentration.

Make sure that you feel your diaphragm working. The diaphragm is located below the lungs. To make sure you are doing it right, go on the floor an place a book  between your chest and belly  try to inhale as much Air as possible lifting the books up with it.

Thanks be Safe be Well' Positive Unique' Love Your Self First and the rest will come.

The Laugher of Children

My inspiration is very influence from what I see my children and others do or say sometimes, I love when they laugh I love children in general as an Art Teacher I am Mrs. Mary I love what I do and Do it out of Love' I found this Beautiful Poem That describes My feelings"  And hope you Enjoy it to!

Hilly village lanes,
Whitewashed sunlit walls.
Cerulean sea.
The laughter of children.

No matter where in the world you go, no matter how many languages are spoken, and no matter how many times cultures and governments clash, the laughter of children is universally uplifting. The mirth of adults can be variously jealous, insecure, sadistic, cruel, or absurd, but the sound of playing children evokes the ideal of a simple and pure act. There are no concepts, no ideologies—only the innocent pleasure of life.

We as adults dwell upon our grizzled complexities, our existential anxieties, and our preoccupations with responsibilities. We hear the merriment of children and may sigh over our lost childhoods. Although we can no longer fit into our old clothes and become young again, we can take comfort in the optimism of children. Their rejoicing can gladden us all.

We are too often in a rush for our children to grow up. It is far better for them to fully live each year of their lives. Let them learn what is appropriate to their time, let them play. And when their childhood is spent at adolescence, help them in a gentle transition. Then their laugher will continue to resonate with cheer an hope for us all.

365 Tao
daily meditations
Deng Ming-Dao (author)
ISBN 0-06-250223-9


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new theme of small cards

I love miniatures I'm enjoying my works so far I would explain why I did them' so you get an Idea on what is all about an the reason why, well, as I posted on yesterday about the ACEOS an Wetcanvas I kinda disregard the fun that I had doing them.

I made this little Cards After Picasso Started with the face first an end up with a sort of random shapes an things that are all connected but to me is sort' like a jigsaw just mind games.'Disregarding if he had a blue period ' or  not, as an artist I think  Picasso had a  sense of mysticism and feelings with Picasso It was he's Soul Him no one else'. He could have being making art to please others tho'.

Keeping with the Theme as it's not what it looks like, I made this girl sitting on sand with a view to A Rainbow where from a green cloud a tong sticks out licking what is suppose to be Ice cream.  an on the bottom part there is a Shark coming towards the boat that is actually her breasts. Go Figure!

This one is Titled Code

The Three Orian  Is spelled wrong  purposely to!

It looks so Old masters like, I decided to keep it

The New Jersey Shore

I am in hopes that you are enjoying my blog an continually getting to know a bit about me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Of The Artist ACEO Colection That I Have exchanged over the Years

I have had many Exchanges of ACEOS but one that Really made me think a lot as an Artist was the Exchange From Wetcanvas in 2007 I Remember  this beautiful letter that I glued to my wall' in my Studio, from a lady living in Australia to make the story short I was in tears, her sacrifice to paint an what she wanted to accomplish, made me think a lot about so many people that are doing the same thing like me, an How great is for us to have this Resources!, has a special place in my heart. I visited the site  for the first time 9 yrs ago!.

 I  grow in years and  my Art grew with me  I began from a little caterpillar to a Butterfly experimenting with more mediums. I'm very proud to present you with part of this exchange cards The 2007 ACEO Exchange I had the opportunity of sharing  with a Group of Fantastic people! this is why I keep doing what I do an loving every second of it!, The  Love for the Site specially for the artists is Immense an I Recommended to Anyone that is willing to learn!

 When you starting in your carrier the advice you get from a life chat room of Artist despite if they got a different way of doing things or not  is very helpful, you get the information you are looking for! That's impact! Mostly I liked  that despite the years of being painters as artist, their egos where tamed, no big words no complications very  patiently taking  time to explain things, what I have  learned from this individuals is of Great Value an what I have carry- on until this day!
This is  My blog  dedicated to some of this personalities and whom I'm proud of calling today My friends every time I see their works makes me very proud!.

  Some of  The ACEO'S from 2007 Exchange

an then some made by me sumi art 2007 because is handmade paper i  atached the sides with small boards to keep it safe,
there was two  versions of this card the other one was sent out!
My favorites Cards Made by Charlene!  and
 this one made by Ardith Goodwin
Not to mention this card had their bio's an beautiful words of encouragement if you are an artist this is a perfect way to interact with your fellow artist friends an to know each other in a more personal way.

Striving After wind'

What is being a  Human with out love towards others?. Where do you go with all that is learned, if you don't share it! The world needs more givers an less people with an attitude I want it all" in my plate! 

Unfortunately  the Sense" of  being content with what you got, vanishes very fast, but once you reach a certain point in life Perhaps makes you think, Is this really what I want? when One solely as a person concentrates in monetary things" Important things gets lost. Life is not like you always planned, unless well' you got a Magic Wand, hidden somewhere" an reality could be cruel' for people with certain expectations in life.

Wanting More!  becomes a mad cycle, then stress comes, depression arrives, that pleasure of being  Calm an Look Up at the Sky an breathe, or even to see the flowers in the field  is no longer fun'.   When people forget to stop an care' an  the benefit of giving with out asking in return,  Love gets lost. That's why  do what you do with your Soul and Heart If you earn  welcome it with open Arms, you earn it! but concentrate rather in the things that can have a Lasting Value in your Life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is Life with Out Hope?

Well there's some people that go on seeking for ever' what is hope? is it real? is this something attainable? It is very true this world is Crazy, Depressed, Out of Love, Without Having Natural Feeling of what is right what is wrong, The united nations Have tried all resources an they always end up with the biggest shameless fights!

But if I come here an  sit down talking about how difficult life is, an how hard it has being will I be helping you? in any way?, will this bring you a smile?? I was thinking about a fact that was linking Youtubevideos to  cute cats videos, but in reality is because others don't want to hear about your problems people!!!! They want to know about Nature about Positive Things about Love about cute little kittens. People are tired, of listening in the news an in the Radio, we know there's a need of change but is for sure not by man. na ah"  Man has created their own problems.

So I'm promising my self and I know this might sound some what naive, but to do this blog as positive as possible to bring some kind of comfort to those whom are passing trough troubles so they can laugh an see that not all Artist are depressed an taking Sanax,  that not all women are selfish and self centered that there could be a beautiful sense' of Calm an Relaxed feeling in Life, with out being to overwhelmed wile reading some ones blog'

Where you can forget about problems, to get to know a person that even tho not perfect an does not think that all is wonderful or try to cover the truth with unreality' but that understands that there's no use to bombard others with what is going on, that will leave it to the Psiquiatric that to me in my opinion need help as well' so in this self medicated unstable sometimes frenetic world we can still sit down look up an say there's a purpose for me being here, an I would not rest until find it, That life is a beautiful thing even when you are down,  that some one is listening an writing for you to feel better about your self an to remind your self that you are unique an Special!.

I am not naive no, I am very clear of what is going on but I refuse to bring it to your table wile you sipping your tea or coffee wile you already dealing with problems on your own. I want to be the one also carrying with you the load not the one loading you down.  I might not get as many readers or people interested in my blog but, that is how it goes.  I Refuse to talk about things that don't help you in any way' possible for you to feel acquaintance or nod your head',  so until next time I hope that you keep enjoying my blog and live Life with a purpose help some one  talk to your neighbor keep your self sane' in this crazy world that I do know is not easy' but  is worth all try's as possible.  Like the song there's no time to complicate because time is to short'.