Friday, June 29, 2012

New Art Prints Gallery

  Washington Lake Park, New Jersey,  Private collection Mr. Cunningham

 A second look take advantage of different venues to promote your Art. Not to sound repetitive but we must understand, that in order for us to be sucessful, marketting plays an important part of our artcarreer. No, is not all about making the sale, but more as getting there and establish your self.  Substantial income is required to continue, specially when it comes to art materials.

Recommend you to explore different media, facebook, twitter,  pinterest, tribberr etc. and or different websites that you can get your hands in to and if you feel is to much, just do what is suitable for you with out strainning, and see where that leads you, for example You don't have to be in every media to market your artwork perse. 

 If you have a website make sure to add spice to it, and not make everything sound the same.  Click on the link to find  another venue which you can also offer your artprints online and where you can interact with other artist doing the same.

Mary Vargas | Gallery | Artist Portfolio |

Overall no matter where we meet each other, be certain that someone is watching your artwork. It is as usual my best wish that you continue progressing using the medium of your preference and be happy, never underestimate the work of your hands, create something unique and show it to the world!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art Reproduction Oil painting Carrier Dancer


Titled:  “To Carrier”



Artwork Drying happily the measures are 9” by 12” The admiration for the maker of this painting grew a couple years ago with this beauty. He’s pastel colors are hard to miss if not careful. He truly was a  master of color. The sentiment given to he’s models as well as the poses chosen, gives one the story. Hope that with each stroke the little painting bring a closer look in to the heart of the viewer. You also can admire, The Master Carrier.

The miniature is up for Auction.  If you are interested you can check out more information about this painting here: 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Art oil painting sketch dancer



Part of the process of one of the recent oil paintings, focus here is in the shadows, and the background which will help the figure stand out on its own. Using, umbers ocres and burnt to add warmth , this colors later on will be reinforced.


Hope this summer is bringing a smile and a well deserved tan. Continue doing what you love in your medium of preference!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Art original oil painting First Harvest Cherries on Canvas




Titled: “First Harvest” 16” by 20” Oil Painting Sketch.

First Harvest

Cherries!  first harvest of  May, farms of South New Jersey.  For this portrait an experience made in to a memory. One of the goals here is to  invite You the viewer to experience the moment and enjoy it as much as the  character, different tones of blues, complementing, and lines that  are used to take you to the center subject, which are the cherries.

From the background down, points out to the center, in return once you get there, the leaves invites your view to stop and jump back and look at the background.

Color an important Psychological part of any painting.  Part of technical, The artwork focus rather in having fun, and enjoyment! Yes skill is required, but should not be  the overall important thing, errors and mistakes in my case are acceptable, because no matter how many years of experience we have, there is always room for improvement.