Friday, April 15, 2011

Tools to keep your creativity flow


Do something Art related no matter how small a simple doodle or Idea can become a beautiful thing later on.

The Importance of writing,

This is one important step to unclogged your self, It is important that you write if you want your self to become more fluent, original  in your creativity even if is a small thing or a entire full page of nagging, there’s something that unplugs from self that really helps.


Running is the must rewarding thing if you can not run for medical or health reasons, at least a walk or two around the block will help, not to mention it keeps your heart pumping and your system in check and  Oxygenated, this helps also to relief stress.  From cleaning the window's to do the cha-cha.  The must  important thing here is to sweat. Set your self a time during the day to walk around. Drink plenty of water, eat well.  This  helps you to keep a healthy weight get rid of toxins and flush your system.

The Importance of Giving

Giving and helping with out asking, is one of full rewards… it does not has to be always monetary a simple smile or a hug saying to some one how much you appreciate them and love them, this will help to have a healthy  focus in others, rather than your self, and keeps your mind busy. Must of all this is a way of loving your self so you can display the same interest and love to others.

This is an example of one of the doodles done wile writing that stuck in mind after a long run,


This is the painting that came out from that doodle…


Of course all this things are suggestions, and might as well take a little time so have patience , and don’t rush just do as much as you can.  As with everything else, always do things with balance this is achieved with time, set your self limits don’t over do things. Must of all have fun, engaging in activities and enjoying the creative process, even those mistakes will bring you a smile.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Working with Yellow Flowers Still Life in Oils 24” X 30”


Working with some interesting yellows a color that works well with warm and the cool family. This particular painting has being changing since, but yellow is the main color use for the entire painting. The painting will be completed during or by the end of this week.


Yellows should let you make adjustments with reds, browns, and any color you can think, as does brings a strong persona to the painting, excellent as under toning or layering. As progress continues with the painting, the style is changing, up to this point different shapes and perhaps a fun twist will develop.

To compare a yellow with another is to go on and on… All the colors have their use in a canvas, there’s an array available. The best thing is, to try and see if that color works for you, with that, you can develop your own personal palette.