Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Working with Yellow Flowers Still Life in Oils 24” X 30”


Working with some interesting yellows a color that works well with warm and the cool family. This particular painting has being changing since, but yellow is the main color use for the entire painting. The painting will be completed during or by the end of this week.


Yellows should let you make adjustments with reds, browns, and any color you can think, as does brings a strong persona to the painting, excellent as under toning or layering. As progress continues with the painting, the style is changing, up to this point different shapes and perhaps a fun twist will develop.

To compare a yellow with another is to go on and on… All the colors have their use in a canvas, there’s an array available. The best thing is, to try and see if that color works for you, with that, you can develop your own personal palette.

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