Monday, September 12, 2011

Oil painting male nude sketch

It's being a Great Monday the weather is changing with a beautiful cool breeze, the leaves changing colors a true inspiration for any artist! it is the time where many of us drag our palettes out and about, stuffing zip lock bags and getting our outdoor gear together and that includes a hat, getting ready for our expedition, let's not forget off spray! not necessarily in that order, that's how it goes for mua at least.

But landscapes a side here is why and the main reason for this post, my next miniature reproduction oil painting male nude on a standing pose. It is still to early to talk about colors at this point and or any other technique.  I'm finding it harder to deal with the bristle since is not natural and my color palette is getting limited, noticed that? I need more paint!. Any ways on the mean time,concentrating in being able to finish  as calm as possible as long my health permits and keep the same or similar colors to the original.

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