Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oil painting figure nude




Size is 8” by 10”  Oil on canvas panel

The bristle is done away with… and now  sit and stare, analyze it, and come to conclusions, mind feels uneasy with it, but then again never satisfied, it was worth the wait I say, it is worth to not only do this painting in a small scale, but in a bigger size with all it’s details the same pose, perhaps a different model, now, my own version, how that sounds? 

I’ve taken my liberties with this one, and applied less shadows, change the hands position, less details on the mouth didn’t paid no mind to the “apple” rather make it an type of thing, or perhaps an pomegranate. Took note “emphasis” on her satisfied self, that the original artist wanted to convey, she seems like nothing is going to happen, innocent and cynical, that is just me..too much thinking.

Now to get more materials, to study my sketches, and continue…. to paint.  

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