Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oil painting still life with tea pot


Titled: “Tea for one”


The artwork story should become part of who we are at all times, it gives more depth and meaning. From the tittle to the extra stroke you put in there, there’s got to be a meaning.  Art with out substance is “tasteless” so the art making goes beyond of just “I like to do it” or it “is my therapy” or “I am very good at it etc….

Since the beginning to an end, every artist has a story, and no artist is ever boring, we all have it and this should be enticing, even in what you might call your despair. If there’s a mystery or silent in your brush strokes from the materials you use to prime your canvas, the mixture of your darkest darks or any other feelings or attitudes you choose to create your art with.

“ We are story tellers” tell your story well…

Compelled your viewer to say this is meaningful this has substance, this is great and will love to have it!

Learn more about the history of this painting here:


  1. I love the prettiness of this one Mary. Makes me want to cut up some fruit and sip a cup of tea and settle in for little while to discuss art with you. : )

  2. In such type of paintings, the real thing is "thought". A nice thought you have presented in this painting.. Oil Painting Reproductions