Monday, June 11, 2012

Art original oil painting First Harvest Cherries on Canvas




Titled: “First Harvest” 16” by 20” Oil Painting Sketch.

First Harvest

Cherries!  first harvest of  May, farms of South New Jersey.  For this portrait an experience made in to a memory. One of the goals here is to  invite You the viewer to experience the moment and enjoy it as much as the  character, different tones of blues, complementing, and lines that  are used to take you to the center subject, which are the cherries.

From the background down, points out to the center, in return once you get there, the leaves invites your view to stop and jump back and look at the background.

Color an important Psychological part of any painting.  Part of technical, The artwork focus rather in having fun, and enjoyment! Yes skill is required, but should not be  the overall important thing, errors and mistakes in my case are acceptable, because no matter how many years of experience we have, there is always room for improvement.

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