Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Artwork Oil Painting Flowers “Peonies on Vase” Reproduction Henri Fantin-Latour


Studying the Great Henri Fantin-Latour he’s beautiful flower paintings. The reproduction Size 16” by 20” on canvas.  Titled: “To Henri alla prima” took artistic license, my version.



My heartfelt prayers are with those affected by the hurricane, things appeared as in back to normal, but… there’s a silence here, in the south. The fire department and local schools, are continually taking donations for those affected by the hurricane. I Hope you are safe and sound.

This artwork is available for auction and possibly part of the earnings will be donated, won’t give more details in which or where, because I am a big believer of the golden rule,and “what the right hand do, don’t let the left hand know”. 

Be grateful. As usual thank you for your time, hope you continue pushing the medium of preference.

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