Saturday, January 19, 2013

Original Oil Painting Giraffe






Artwork measures 16” by 20”


The artwork symbolizes all that is Art and love, there's a special child in each and every one of us artist, that makes you continue moving forward, where there's happiness, despite whatever opposition you encounter in your life or sorrow, that child that loves to dap in paint and continue to love nature as well as people, the child that sees the world full of wonder and beauty, that does not seek competition, but laughs and shares it with many friends, cheers them up as well,  the giraffe is friendly and beautiful, some spots are made of cooper, light ochre and Vandyke brown.  A lot of earthly tones, the artwork even though looks decorative at the same time, tells you a story, this time, endurance, love and perseverance, You the viewer can embark in an adventure wile looking at it, and that was the aim, ass well a 3 d effect that pushes the artwork forward as it is done with some of the other artworks.  Hope it brings a smile to you, good memories and happiness!

Artist for my inspiration?


van Dyck

African folklore

and Naya

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