Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Original Watercolor paintings, humming birds on new paper fluid a quick review



1st painting on watercolor Fluid Paper Wet in to Wet on the background, and on the bird’s chest, light wash on the bottom part a color scheme of oranges and yellows. The only thing ~ some broccoli effect, when using a lot of water, which I love, also noticed though the water washes need to be controlled, the paper goes back to its size and is already made in a block for you.

Titled: “Waiting”


The  new paper called fluid watercolor paper, is an acid free cold press finish, I am using 140lb not sure if the company has 300lb yet, but I see a great tool for all of us who dap in watercolors. The surface is smooth and allows you to pick up even, darker pigments or opaque, used a variety of techniques, like scratching, water dropping, lifting and color scheme to see transparency and opacity, and its has stand the abuse, I am posting the recent paintings done in this paper for you to view and compare.

Painting 2 Color scheme of blues, for this painting a dry in to wet technique was used and the background was made in wet in to wet. The white of the paper seem to  make a smooth transition between the watercolor, creating an dimension on the two, this is great for action paintings like in the bird. A must, for on the go quick sketch paintings.

Titled: “Free”

hummingbird free

The sizing is smaller than other traditional watercolor papers, so it makes it feel like in between cold and hot press, the price is a joke compared with what the paper promise, and I am very happy to give a good review about an all made American watercolor paper. 

3rd painting The lifting technique on a wet in to wet. The lines are made with a dry brush as you can see in the bottom part.

Titled: “The sideline”



4th painting A combination of all, wet in to wet, scrubbing, dry in to wet, and leaving the paper white to convey action.

Titled: “Landing” 


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