Friday, March 22, 2013

New Watercolor rose simple sketch painting


Watercolor Flower simple sketch rose painting 9 in  by 12 in


Titled: "Vintage a rose"

Simple watercolor sketch of a flower, used a simple approach, to start, you may need a number 3 bold, you can either use a graph or a tracer if you like,  The watercolors are diluted once applied in the paper on a dry surface and then dragged in with a second brush. The aim for this one was to apply shadow in the middle and extend to the rest of the background, it gives more flow, and even if is two subjects rather than one, using a triangular setting works well... it is important to know the basics.
Even though this is the practical part of a painting, I think is important to tell the history behind what we do, life's lessons on seeing beyond of what is in front of us and concentrating in what really matters, I'm starting to see the work growing  and been less controlling just letting it be...