Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birds Demo Painting



For this painting will be using Yellow Oqure.  Just a preliminary sketch a guide trough using  to be specific in order to really understand this method needs to be viewed life. (one day)  I am posting the preliminary sketch Video in youtube.



The two birds are sketch since is only two subjects this become somewhat difficult so the triangular shapes of the trees will help soothe the view from side to side. All the spaces are painted in a different tone of blue like a puzzle.



The warm area are kept under cooler tone it is my painting so it is ok to  brake and saw. 


I  omit for now or paint over some some barks as in the photo also smooth out the brush strokes.

Apply some of the sky mixture to the top bird. and some more yellow mixture to the bird bellow. I have an somewhat picture of what is going to look like in my mind.



Then tone down the entire painting with a pale mixture.



Decided to do some leaves thought it was a  nice contrast and keeps things entertained as well as makes a count of 5.  When it comes to subjects since they both are going to compete with each other, one must have less than the other as well as size.



At this point I began to pull out the feathers with a bristle brush and precision.

both birds are done in a similar way making sure details are also there.


The Birds as in now, tomorrow the leaves will have their say in all this. But nevertheless thank you so much for keeping up with  the Artwork. The Birds might change color, you never know~ bur for now they are happy.


  1. I love watching the process Mary. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Valerie, the painting is very wet so I am going to let it dry for one or tree more days so I can continue adding more layers to the leaves. I am still on the process with this one.