Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today Has Being a Productive Day


You probably heard this before~ What does she means A productive Day?

Work in Progress Still Life


Let’s focus first on the Art.  Today, using the natural light from the sun that shined beautifully, from back, placing the subjects in an (birds) or Owl’s view, taking  note: the eye flow in the composition making an tight Z as well as complimentary colors.  The Still Life is then position in a some what or what would call a semi-casual to chaotic composition.

The main subject the tea kettle painted last, emphasis was on a quick effective way (simplify)  create the roundness and softness effortlessly with the brush as well as portraying that light. 

in between time of rest and (squinting)…and the children, Work in progress… 

The Alien


I dealt with Aliens, fought for earth and well the kids decided the Aliens took over and Won!!. Here’s the picture to prove it!  (My Dog Cassie)

…and then found this really concerning (daily) note!! around 8:00pm-to 9:00 pm  given to me by someone, that just want to let me know something…. on why He shouldn’t be sent to school tomorrow.  The note says and Quote:  please read


Well I hopes it made you laugh, it has being a very beautiful but hectic day yet, there’s always time to laugh and enjoy those little moments… Hope your day has gone smoothly, many hugs Have a Great Night!


  1. What a sweet post! The note brings back precious memories of when my own were that age. One can't help but smile. I am glad that you had a full and productive day Mary.

  2. Hi Valerie!

    Yeah I agree with you Valerie, Thank You thought on going a little off topic not easy when trying to talk Art and serious. Every time I listen of an Artist whom have a family and children, indeed know that needs as much encouragement as possible, because indeed is not as simple,it is just very Admiring.