Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oil Portrait process



 With an accurate color scheme the process becomes much easier, If is possible doing skin tests on the palette until you get the right mixture. Remember that you are not only doing a portrait, but a human being.  It is also important to record which colors where combined to utilize in the portrait since not everyone has the same skin tone.



For this portrait we started with a simple sketch with burnt sienna, burnt umber a little mixture of yellow ochre. This is just for the preliminary sketch with out measuring and adding, in this portrait the face factions are done later on, everything goes by view of the muscle instead and of course relying  heavily in the measurements of the human head or  better say anatomy. 


 When it comes to eyes, think open orbit, the bones, muscles and  inside the eyes, their texture,  remember the softness, with out forgetting eye lids, not to miss the shadow when it comes to the muscle, remember  the out side light and how it reflects, jumps from your eye back to the object and from the object back…. 

This is just the technical part of making a portrait a little information. Because  I know repetition is important, as well as passion for sharing, teaching and learning to progress,  this is all  practice and error so it is, we continue painting, pushing the brush for our sake, because we need to…


Painting coming a long  and drying wile at it…. time to start another watercolor.

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