Thursday, October 13, 2011

Original Oil painting miniature ACEO

Titled: “Green Eyes”
Thought on blogging about My story, about Why I paint?  to do a video blog about it, but then again who would want to hear?  That wile I was breast feeding with one hand… the other one was drawing and painting…..
The  ACEOS go by theme, what interest me in the morning since I first put my pen on paper, was it a face? that song…, So they are in fact very important is my life, glimpse of the reality. Yesterday, the (dog) Cassie saw a wild cat, she barked and barked… but then again she is scared of the vacuum, funny huh?

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  1. Beautiful rendering of a cat, Mary. And hey, we would love to hear more, your story, why you paint! It's cool to hear how other artists live and what inspires them. Who knows, you might inspire someone yourself!