Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What would You do?




This past summer, one of the biggest market around my area opens doors, where you can go and have fun with the family, there’s vendors outside, smoked BBQ. You name it, this is a place where all the locals go to sell their stuff. And all of the locals go to buy stuff, To me, an opportunity with out ends, decided to venture out my self, and  what would be my summers trip for now on!

What happened when I got there?, first thing early in the morning, someone stop by and look at me, a through out look, and said in a mean tone and loud, pointing at one of my artworks,  You call that Art?  in reply in a nice tone, ok, shrugging my shoulders and with a smile, I said with all respects your entitled to your own opinion, and yes, is Art.

Said and smiled and looked at the painting, a couple of bad comments hmmm, the painting is to red it promotes anger and hunger.  The moments passed and people passing by, ignoring me, the vendor next to me said. You, don’t belong here! ten years I've being in this place, and if you do more than what you paid you’re lucky!

What do You do? in a situation like that? where all seems to point out to be a disaster? sight and say,… is true, and go home. NO, the day is not over, This is the time, to put customer and sales skills to practice, to give out business cards, get to know people, see what works they like, See what ages are around, and yes to take all kinds of criticism. To understand that not everyone has to like what you do, on the  mean time for every, no, in my head is a not now, maybe later… . even if not a single Artwork gets sold, time isn’t wasted  because in every opportunity there’s potential!

What will you know, the first painting sold you guessed it!…immediately by the end of the day almost empty with few works in hands, one of them later was purchased, and quote: Your beautiful painting, stands proud, framed on top of the piano”…

No I don’t think I am all that! on the contrary still learning, and a lot, what I’m trying to say with this is, expect harsh comments as well as really good comments. If it has potential to you, it does!, Just needs to be in the right hands. Rather you want your Artwork to be with whom appreciates your talent and understands the meaning of your work.

Never stop painting and take things to personal,  but excel and feel proud of what you do! Continue pushing that brush, with practice time and patience, only one thing will happen, and that is… progress!

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  1. Well done! So happy for you that you sold a bunch of your art! Its hard being an Artist because we count on people connecting with our work. Youre right not everyone will but if we connect with it someone else surely will and they will understand what we put in our work. I come to many crossroads during my Artful journey. But I keep telling myself to keep going. When sales are down I gotta keep going because you never know whats around the corner. :)