Friday, January 6, 2012

Watercolor flower and moth painting


titled: “Learning to see the wings”



A very good friend of mine, told me, “Learn to see the Butterfly  wings in people”, she told me then, what a butterfly really looks like, when you turn it over is an ugly worm. But when you look at the overall picture, is a beautiful creation.

Learning to see the good in others or learning to not judge others, is not always an easy task, but it is worth it! unless, you don’t talk and listen to people get to know them, there’s not much point on going with the thought of (he or she is just a bug), is negative and has no value, and not healthy for you.

Yet, must understand that sometimes, no matter how good we are to others,  not always you will, get a positive result.  If that is the case well, We must give attention to whom really appreciates the time, and respect us.

Don’t get me wrong, after the conversation, as a joke in reply I said, So,… what if, I picture that person as a water bug?  she nodded. 

Titled: “Learning to see the wings”, in watercolors on Canson 140lb paper, size is 5” by 7”, slightly darker, signed, cropped for better view, pre printed, acid free, post card,  Painting made in honor of my beautiful friend Kim.

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