Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Oil painting Ballet Dancer Edgar Degas inspired


Edgar Degas Art reproduction “My version”



The female form has a certain informality and much beautiful to paint that males, enjoying the poetic rhythmic strokes in each and every drawing and painting that Edgar Degas has done, thought to make something close to honor the master painter.

Enjoying the fall colors and the fiery crimsons that some of he’s paintings have, colorful and full of energy, no wonder he became so popular with he’s ballerinas. But then again, he grew tiresome and moved on to the next stage of he’s life as a painter. This, some did not understood.

As painters we understand why, it is very difficult to limit ourselves to others content, to bend and to please for the sake of others. Even more difficult to deal with ignorance and arrogance sometimes, specially when  the Art is not for the walls, but for the emotion of been able to do it, that art becomes very real and colors have a different meaning, and yes it is ok to abhor our own work and understand is all part of  that process and reaction that only art produces in us, with color and emotion!  

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