Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The scrutinized Pear" a tale"

The Scrutinized Pear"

It was born like any other Pear up in a tree, from a seedling to a fruit plainly bear',
The tree hold up branches that where cut off, from a sudden storm, even tho some fell this particular didn't cause effect, and must of the fruit stayed, the trunk of the tree, was strong for it not to be affected by any chance by any circumstances, but a long came the pear down one night and all;,.. rolled down the hill, and up to a near by river was dragged in.

I'm, sorry if it sounds a bit..., But what would you care', if it is, just a pear!, but this pear in particular was still very green and still the fruit was not ready to eat,.. the pear had feelings, and in a particular manner, also those the pear little to known It happened to be picked up by a local, a human, long locks, small hands, she was around 2 yrs old, holding this object, that looks are very much to be pleased. It does looks like is going to rain, and the pear was inside a packet, the packet had a hole, and down again rolling down, the pear go!.

Some recognized, the pear need it to be put back in place, and decided to take it, and or either done away with, or perhaps give it to the swines?, because there where options for this pear, you see, some said down to the pigs!! wile.. some said lets put it in place, the tree right above will give it shadow, better to be put back and let nature be done with, if is going to be ripen it is, much, much,.. better for it.

The pear was still green, showing signs as to be ripen', but no one wants to properly eat it, No one, except one' this one was Martin Snider', Sr. Martin was a cook, and he would have loved to make of the pear a poach, some pears are sour", some pears are good" but this one... is just right!. So he went and pealed the pear down.. very slowly, with a small knife,.. took out it's cork, and disposed of the seeds, little he knew, that the pear,.. will feel!?, down he cut in peaces, the pear slice by slice, put it all together, to make a beautiful...pie.

Was the pear Satisfied? I might not even know, the Pear has being scrutinized, and made done with, as it was supposed,... the way it should have ended, this was not for the pear to know, because it was just a pear, might even went as far as it could, at least Mr. Snider made a down deal, and give it it's proper place', made of the pear a great meal!, Oh' so he did, you don't know, how good it is!. This pear not only gave him satisfaction, but it was such a beautiful taste, can even one, imagine'... perhaps if it didn't had so many rolls, wouldn't taste as good as it does!.

Mr. Snider ate the pear', and he also thought' what a great pear that was!, with out knowing of it's travel, where it came from?, How absurd' and to think, that it was to be thrown to the pigs.!? wile burping and cleaning up he's sleeves, Ah' well so the Mr. went he, was so satisfied,.. he would never noticed the rug!. What Rug? The Rug.., that slept trough he's foot and down he came, rolled down the stairs just like a pear.

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