Monday, June 7, 2010

Betty The Cow" ACEO

Howdy! Had the Opportunity to work with this beautiful painting called Betty The Cow", It's an ACEO that is done in Acrylics with a bit of gel medium to give some textures and a more realistic outlook She measures 3.5" by 2.5 inches and is just lovely" roaming in the pastures on a beautiful sunny day.
Lets Begin!

For this project we are using cobalt Blue, Mars Black, different blenders and mop brushes, small liners and everything that can work up to a nice miniature card, always remembering the contour on the Animals face muscle mass, characteristics and anatomy.

A mixture of Raw Sienna Burnt Umber was used as a Raw or Preliminary Sketch using the brush strokes as a guidance...The background was done with a layer of Cerulean Blue nothing was added except thin layers of water . Making sure to be as precised as possible not affecting her form in any ways, just going around, this was done quick. Starting her ears with a mixture of blue and black more blue was added as consecutive layers.

Now let's face it! no curious Caw will have an adorable face" unless you decided and give it to it, so mixtures of alizarin Crimzon, White and Raw Sienna played the part on giving a bunny feeling to her cheekies and also her nose not to mention nostrils and her eyes..Remember to capture her personality! This is where Imagination plays Rotten!! and you can even give it a Caricature feeling by giving shapes to her eyes, change directions as well as mouth or just leave it as is..Betty was looking Fine" but at this point she is missing a lot, on her character let's see..

Betty is not Betty with out her marks! and so doing this very carefully splatter paint all over with an old toothbrush and also with a small liner making sure to make them separate enough all over her body as well as her face and nose.. highlights where also done and going a bit further by giving her nice eyelashes. Betty The cow is sure pleased!

Did you enjoy the Process of Betty The Cow? Please Make sure to visit my website on Etsy shop where Betty is up in Display Varnished and all happy happy!! oh and Mooooooo....Thanks!!


  1. Holy Cow! (sorry, couldn't resist) I couldn't believe it when I read that the painting is only 3.5 inches! It's wonderful! I enjoyed your tutorial. If I come back and read more of those, I might just take up acrylic painting! Thank you!

  2. ¡¡¡¡Betty is so pretty!!!!!
    Thanks for explain how you did it, artist!
    Kisses, my twitfriend ;)