Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ACEOS and Small Cards

ACEO Family of Pears on Etsy

Three Pears

This Cards have being received with great appreciation among sponsors and friends.
learning a lot specially about different textures to make this little cards, All the possibilities you have with different materials and mediums, this makes in my opinion a durable long lasting Art Card to enjoy for a very long time.

Gathering very good materials are essential to do them, Work with the Best to Achieve the Best! not to mention a good and durable Watercolor Paper and or Linen Canvas. This makes for One, to have more appreciation for Artist Cards and truly called them a miniature works of Art.

This Cards are 4" by 6" a little bigger than the ACEO'S truly enjoyed the Vintage look in them.

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  1. All beautiful pieces! Your style is very soothing and easy to gaze at. I like the peanut M-n-Ms too!