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Art, Music, Stories… and Encouragement


A simple Story…

A friend of mine whom I’ve known since we where in high school, now a proud mom of 2 girls and an excellent Baker,  Told me a simple story about her then 2 years old daughter. While one of her cakes was cooling off’ the little girl stuck the finger in the frosting. Mom asked, what are you doing? The little Girl answered: I want to, I had to, I had to!  Licking her fingers off, With such proudness, You know the first reaction you get when a child does that...

  Continuing on that thought, and I know it comes from a 2 year old, but if we get that same attitude when it comes to what We have to do. It shows a bit of a rebellious attitude, but must importantly determination. Always asking and why not?  The lesson is, being determined, taking action, commit to it, and learning.  You like Art? You want to do it?, Now,  you have taking all the steps to pursue it,  You see how everything just “simply connects”.… Yet, you have put it a side, thinking is not your call, because concerns… and perhaps afraid to take a leap.

  Not everyone, of course is all “crazy” and jumps head first, like some one “I know very well” and yes, it is not easy. But nothing that is good for you, is easy to do, good things take time, sometimes longer than we wanted to, patience is key,  and it is also how we learn, looking ten years back on my own experience I had all the excuses…one of them? being a young mom, with three small children, even so,  couldn’t be more clear in my face everything I liked to do, had to do with Creating. Hours ends… sharpening pencils, long nights with out sleep… sketching everyday”

   “Imagine the face of my mentor and whom I owe an big apology.  After a year or more… I said, wanting to be a “Hairdresser” because it was a “safer way to gain income”  wile One Day, prior to do an extravagant Hair cut with layers and different mix of colors, on that same moment…  I took my sketch book out… and sketched that Hair Cut, looked at the page and my heart saddened… saying  to self, Mary.., what is this that you are doing?

Now in  a “survival” mode and determined.  Exactly September 11, 2009,  made a commitment  To change my view towards what was art…and artists.   Determined first to Change, and now,  doing everything possible in my power to sustain that.  Not only My self but those whom are pursuing this carrier, and know very well how hard it is.  So If you like what you are doing, you have what it takes to continue, and it is possible for you,  Just  Do it!  Why? Because you had to!, You Have to!, You Want to!.  It is such determination that brings you forth and strong.

Recently  told a friend of mine, well… The Blog has recipes that is one of my favorite  hobbies, and Gardening  blessed with a  super green thumb!,  then again, all relates to working with hands, and it is used to unclogged, it is repetition that makes your mind and inspiration flow.  So the Blog wouldn’t stop being what it is, actually,  want that to be seen purposely,  because it is How we learn and Yes, Change is good.  But now, to give importance to the Main course, which is Art,  and whom I am,  an Artist and to those whom are doing the same, my friends.

  The two would meet again in the future, nevertheless in what would be called  my “First”  Real Show, where ought to have the best mignon wrapped in bacon that you would ever taste.  and yes, there will be vegan food too.  But in my case in my first.   I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t the time.  Hope this experience helps you realize something, and give you a different attitude a positive one.  Because Giving is the must rewarding Gift,  here are  this words to you.


music video by cold play performing clocks © Emi Records Via- You Tube VeVo 

You are..Awesome you are… Unique, You are… Beautiful, Your creativity flows out of your pores, You are… loved, You are Art You are…


So you see what it is a change of attitude?, this two paintings  both excellent paintings.  but what I called off because of a wrong … 

Now presenting both,  Proud Because it shows my Roots beginnings as an Artist  and admiration.  one Sumie Art in Rice Paper 9” by 12and the other a 16” approximately in 140 Arques Watercolor Paper My Version After Sr. Russell Flint.


Sumi-e Ink  done in 2008  Roses and Bulbs Rice Paper.


For More Information and inspiration about Sumie Art please visit: or visit my friend Youtube Channel



After Russell Flint Watercolor Painting 2007 -2008


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