Thursday, March 31, 2011

Understanding New Art Work


So much that we can say about our brush strokes that goes in to the canvas like single phrases of pure poetry, the music, the love, enchanting laughs of mistakes and no no’s, but we continue… for the Art and for our sake and so forth. But what are we really portraying?   This might not be as pretty as it looks, to understand a painting or artwork can take an entire different meaning for us. I thought it was fair to explain this painting because it is about time.  It is important to do this and it will be easier for the viewer, gives more value and heaviness to your paintings as well.

A resent visit, told me that it was amazing once the painting was explained to them, this was in the case of the artwork  titled conception in which it is representing Cycle of Life, when I told them the flower is pregnant, if you look closer… and point out… it is carrying a fetus, the artwork became serious, and enticing to them, I felt it was my responsibility to give them the (representational) meaning. The artwork  has many other connections, but after that, became something to appreciate more and admire.

New Artwork on Hot Press Watercolor Paper.


 Now about New Artwork, we must also understand that is still early we are also finding our selves in a painting, I am in the mode of stepping back and asking, what is the next step?~ The next step can take weeks or perhaps minutes, don’t precisely know this, but so far will explain some of it as much as I can.

  The black background on the right, since I am a right sided painter it means mystery, death, the subtle, unknown, creativity itself, but if you look the entire painting can be read from right to left as well .  The black sugar cup, jar or bowl it also represents the same, sort of like a box of Pandora. you can see it is not opened.   All of my works are representing of something… that is going on around, I also include other things : For example , War, famines, disloyalty, Jealousy, etc…that you can tell by my obvious use of colors and the disconnected patterns.

  But since despite what is going on… I know there’s still good and beauty that is how the entire picture connects. Making a strong statement about your Art should be important to you.   In my case,  must important is the skill, that  endurance, trial and error, that we must go trough, regardless if the artwork it is liken by us others or not.  The purpose also of giving a chance to elevate the medium value~ which is Watercolors. 


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