Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Art Work of Mary Harris




~On meeting some Great personalities in Twitter, particular note is taken on the young Artist and fellow Mary.  Mary Harris, name in Twitter is @MEH_art   inviting  you, to not only get to know her candid personality, but also her Art work,  She says inspiration comes from everywhere!  from random, photos, patterns, fellow artist as well as photography.

~Mary’s current Portrait works on Graphite shows you, how well executed and the beauty of the medium, doing so with a precise touch, remark and finesse, palpable on the paper.

Recently asked Mary a series of questions and one of them caught my attention and thought it will be important not only for the young, but also the more experienced like ones to read.

Mary, What would you like to accomplish in the near future or say to Young Artist?

  Her Answer, Don’t listen to negatives, If you want to be an Artist, put great interest and effort in it,  Keep your self surrounded with Positive people that can give you encouragement and help you trough out your Journey in your Art.

on added note on accomplish: ~To be Successful as in Art, not to focus Only on the basis of potential Income, but to make it because we Love what we do, We (You) Love Art! I know with great effort and a positive Attitude, You would definitely go further! 


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