Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oil Painting Lilly flower




Use small paintings for larger scale paintings, it will help you to plan a head and with time, as well as to choose a color palette and correct your previous mistakes. It  will  give more strength to your drawings,  and must importantly, will help you in your composition.

Each painting should be looked as a continuation of the previous, if you dabble in watercolors or any other medium, use it as a preview of what’s next in your painting projects.

The canvas irregularity's made this painting a challenge. nevertheless, The Lilly now sits happily drying. The background greens and darks makes it to stand out.  This painting will be done for sure again in a larger scale.

Born out of the inspiration from this resent watercolor painting, where the flower  sits down on a teacup.

finished still life2

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