Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watercolor flower painting Iris

Titled "unnoticed"

Watercolor flower painting Wild Iris and painting process

  When encounter with  the flower seems not interesting,  but once you get closer you start noticing the extravagant design, growing unnoticed by must visitors, this beautiful wild iris is no more than 3 to 4 inches in size but packed with details, resembles almost an orchid with less texture. 

The flowers veins inside are black and the petals are pale yellow with a touch of orange, the inside is very pale almost white...The first sketch was made.

Taking notes along the way, noticed also how the bud grows from inside and once the flower starts to wilt, the color changes to an almost dark purple tone.   This flower is so complicated that  it is not over. 

The flower grows wild around the rim of the park can see it sprout in the midst of summer, the inside was changed to a bearded instead.
Careful study and research should not be taken slightly, in the process of learning no shortcuts are allowed.
For the painting: The watercolor paper was submerged various times in water then the first layers of watercolor where applied, once the color is poured you start seeing what it looks like a form and shape.
  It is fun, because you often don't know what's next, once color is applied then is lifted up,  adding alcohol for interesting shapes and contrast.

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