Friday, July 8, 2011

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Why? people like to see with whom they are talking, chatting, smiling, dealing and  agreeing with, that is why every year we spent so much on different gadgets to helps us achieve  better communication.  Pay close attention, This is why your Bio. should be also a continuation of you and your motives, everything should be truthful.  Never deviate, always respect and treat others cordially, engage in conversations and take interest in others. No matter how much experience you have, let others express themselves. Lets go a little further with this topic, in a person to person conversation, Will it be easy to continue if they couldn’t see each other in the face? Not really, it will be uncomfortable, and trust is out of the question.

In business as with any other relations all are cultivated by communication. For it to grow it needs to have exchange of knowledge, trust, mutual respect, not seeing yourself bigger than or better, on the contrary doing everything to help.   That is why is recommended that you have the same picture in all your websites. Because you are not communicating person to person, but using a third party. Your Image is important.

face reference is important,  to your Art and for your Brand.

Polish your image is important, But if you change it constantly, makes you inconsistent, in other words, turns off, this topic should  not be taken slightly. Specially if your serious about promoting your self and your art. People should be able to recognize you and pin point your work.

If you are serious in building and Image, Your Art should match your face. This means that if you paint in a certain style that is serious, you won’t put flashy colors or look all wacky on your picture. If you are an Artist, you should definitely take a photo with your artwork by your side. Please note: Not that everything should go according to looks, looks are irrelevant here. The must important part should be your work.

All this information is provided to you trough experience, as I’ve become older have encounter many that have helped me to become whom I am today.  For that I’m absolutely grateful. Their advice, recommendations, even sometimes giving me a pull of the ear or two.   Learning the hard way, this means experimenting on a trial and error mode. 

For that I’ve encourage you to also do your research.

The internet can serve you in so many ways, it is in fact doing what was purposely invented for, to give information, massive resources out there". Many giving free information to help others out. If you use the net to establish your small business, use your time well spent for,  and wisely.

There's nothing wrong with using the internet to your advantage. But in my humble opinion, nothing compares as having a cup of tea or coffee with a real person on a face to face meeting.  This should be your priority when establishing your self as an Artist.

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