Wednesday, August 24, 2011

watercolor flower painting poppy




Watercolor flower poppy 22” by 30” 

The  goal for this one was to incorporate  movement with in the flower by adding extra petals, abstraction and form combined with high color loaded with energy and intensity, the flower was positioned off center for a better view.

But not all this is just mainly technical there’s a lot of feelings in to them, painting just to paint…don’t think so… But painting with feelings, good energy, perhaps memories or conversations… makes it more interesting.

~The artist in a room full of people he or she is the one in a corner making notes, sketching and observing… everything is interesting an never boring.


  1. Hi Mary...this is lovely! You certainly achieved your goals of movement and high energy here.

  2. Please note: Signature has being removed and placed inside corner for originality.