Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still life oil painting flowers and vase sketch on canvas paper


Titled: “Recovery”


Well just like the titled of the painting that is what is happening in my own life, learning to do everything and each and every day is a new experience, yet I have learned to appreciate even more the value of life it self and how beautiful is been able and share my talent with all whom care.

For the upper painting chose one of the life arrangements that a dear friend of mine got me to cheer me up, looking at the vase noticed how blue is the predominant color so chose that to be the theme of the painting, a lighter background, focusing in the petals and the pink ribbon surrounding it, the second painting has more a darker background as well and is titled “learning”, Shadows come to play and a mix of raw sienna and burnt umber played a big role in both paintings.

Grateful to be able and continue with Art and to share this with you, knowing that there’s more progress to come and my life has been completely rearranged for the better.


 Titled: “Learning”


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