Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are you part of the heard?

Andy Warhol

Define Success? Please give me the wand oh magic fairy so I can become famous an leave a Rich life near the coast, wile drinking a pina colada and hypocritically smiling at that poor ole thing that is impatiently serving my drink. Snap out of it!!!

Once in a wile is ok to rant, but when you are in the constant pursuing an not being organized not allowing your self to take one day at a time and not taking notes it becomes quite the hassle to think that you will be successful.

Why there's nothing wrong with setting up your goals up high' you must also realize that you are one an only one to succeed if you do things the right way, start thinking positive will do you good, If you feel like me sometimes overwhelmed by the vast variety of artist and art out there' well you must believe it! there's a space for you too!

Organizing your self an admitting your downfalls will be just another step, breathe an stop once in a wile to look around you, help as much as you can or be helped, it works one way or the other, an see what else could be done? mark your goals for the and during the day allowing your self to take breaks!

If you pursue those that say they have the power to transform you in to a Monster you will be setting up your self for failure, don't you know, that what comes fast!..fast it goes! Start up slowly getting to know your market an who and whom is out there! if you never heard of that persons name why would you trusted then?

Make your Self known an by that show your face an let people know whom you truly are! follow up with those whom have gave you an opportunity to share with them your Art.

I might not have a PHD or a MBA , but sure know when things are marching the right way!, the best thing God gave me is a big huge noggin to think of steps to move forward an forward! call it ambition or whatever you might call it, have always being this way, I get this part from my mother with the difference that this time It will be accomplished and finished.

To finished what was started since the beginning when I picked up an pencil and gave up on the scissors. The fact that you will become greater than you are' you must embrace it! that an stick it in your mind like a sticky note and your soul you can write it down in your mental forehead too

Say it! In my case My Self Assessment is:

I want to change the world with what I do!

I am going to Succeed!

I believe in my self!

I love My self an Others!

I will finished One thing at a time!

I will take my time writing down my goals and accomplishing them one by one!

I will also help others that seek an feel like I do!

I will be a Leader!

I will start a Journal!

I will sell my self out there, like what I am the best thing available because is true! you are a creative inventing human being the world needs you! You are interesting to others not superficial!

YOU an Only You should define what success is, You will Reach your Goals if you set you're mind in to , breathe with ease it won't come one day an you wake up in an island like in the beginning. Good things take time are slow an very hard to do most of the time, falling an getting up!! Always setting up goals that are attainable!

Cheers to you!! Your self your Uniqueness in this world because you are Awesome! don't ever take that as an understatement"

Every human being is here with a beautiful purpose in life and we all can learn a great deal from each other.

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  1. Nice post, especially like the assessment list.