Friday, February 12, 2010

Water Lilies after Claude

I went to my To do List today! I had some oils gathered for quite sometime, unfinished pieces that are staring at me an say you are so guilty!!' those that I had to cover for some reason because I felt the pressure of not because I couldn't, but because the time wasn't on my side to finish them.

So I say Today is the Day my Dear! and took care of her felt the love since it was started 2 years ago. I am happy that my principles as an impressionist are still there with Monet permission the painting has being finished.

I have gather enough information about him long time ago' an what it reads everything about him fascinates me! thought on giving him this little recognition. After all he kept on going even when he's sigh left him' I am proud of the painting for standing tall. It is drying now in the easel'

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