Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to make Dew Drops

How to make Dew Drops in Watercolor!

Dew drops the mysterious little droplet and the eye opener for those with a keen eye capturing there essence is key, and the Reflection they get from the sky. The process is yet not complicated and leave you refresh! better than a cup of coffee great exercise to start in with Watercolors. Here is the Demo I hope you enjoy it! Must of all have fun!.

To make them is as trilled and fun as it sounds in the garden specially when you are aspiring for something bigger and fresher in your paintings.

Starting Materials

3.5 Hand Made Cards 140Lb (300gsm) cold press Strathmore Paper Derwent Pencils in this case a 4.b Masking fluid for Watercolor brushes nos. small 10 square for the lifts) 8 and 10 Rounds and a small liner brush script #0

1 Paint two washes of permanent Red and Alizarin Crimzon, Draw a circle or oval. Apply the Masking fluid with a script, let it dry for a few seconds this is to save the high light, after it dries remove some of the paint from the bottom part of the water droplet this will make a difference as to the background.

2. Make the Shadows

This is simple you are going to glaze with darker tones specially if you mix Alizarin with the blue you get an excellent hue to work with, the shadow is actually where you want the viewer to know that the light is hitting from that side. The color of the dew drop should match the background colors, it is time to Remove the masking!

Once you marked your shadows you noticed that the shadow has a hard edge on this case indicating that it was under direct sunlight. When you lift you're paint you might noticed some of the paper lifting up is fine, this is all about practice not perfection, those effects will be less obvious when you incorporate what you have learn in to your paintings. I hope that this demo helps you see how to render you own spectrum of dews in water.

Always signed and date your work and keep on practicing!! This Dew will be a nice collectible if you are interested will be more than glad to send it!! Send your Addy in your email My email address is Thanks!

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