Wednesday, April 14, 2010

M&Ms In Gouache

The Munchies between paintings and coffee and Dancing Salsa the flavor and color in a single wrap! This edition for the M&M's company is called Tear and Share! the package is made with natural soy ink very thin but with a good amount of candy inside. Specially made in a way to open it fast and with out a hassle! yet they don't break wile you handle the package Very Smart Mr. M&M's!! mine ripped in almost half a Great Way of sharing M&M's not only by mouth but also the best way by painting it!

Painting measures 13" by 7" made in Gouache A great fun way of developing an eye for color and love for food in this case Candy. You would be surprised the hue's in a single M&M Painting, Specially the Yellow wish to me is not yellow but a combination of different hue's and that is the same case with the package.

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