Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's it like for Vangogh?

Have you ever wondered what made him paint those skies? staring for hours at he's paintings, there is always and surprise color a swirl! a different mix of color! Who can actually copy him to perfection? and learn hes palette to precision? even tho the historians say that he was disturbed and depressed etc. He is The essence A Master in he's paintings the strokes and creamy texture an level of intellect with out discussion, frustrated perhaps by he's own perfectionism.

To look beyond he's mastery it is very difficult only himself can actually tell the way he turns and hes combination of colors to kindly express perhaps the way he painted those skies and why? Here is to You Vincent for Your skill and brilliant textures and Great combination and Striking eye for color. Not to imitate you but to give You a tribute with this little painting of mine.

Painting Made in Acrylic 15" by 13" My interest was for the strokes in the skies!

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