Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Miniature Art Cards

Miniature Art Cards

Wile it is fun to create big peaces of Art have found a delight in doing small Cards this miniature pieces are a fun trip to Pennsylvania beautiful landscapes that My Artist Friend and photographer Bill Green was kind enough to share.

Bill is an excellent photographer he likes to capture nature at is best here is My inspiration from the photo references, the pictures where taking in winter but they do give you a glance on how they look in Spring time. The combination of My beautiful neighborhood with Mr. Green's photographs melted in this cheerful miniature landscapes.

Artist license can be a great tool to change a few things, even tho the task is some what difficult it is great to know that can be accomplished rearranging the houses and form of the clouds combining cool hues in the skies all came to play like an harmonious arrangement.

The Art is measuring 5" by 6" in Strathmore 140 Lb (300gsm) they where taped on the corners to stand out with a thick layer of modeling paste applied for this reason, a coat of Gloss Varnish followed for protection gives them an amazing happy bright look just like eye candy!

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