Monday, May 3, 2010

Adela The Portrait


I began working in gouache for some time, but in Late February have fallen in love with it. The lack of transparency and chalk feeling for a watercolorists is an immediate turn off . Not to be Surprised but Gouache has stand the test to agree that is one of the Best mediums to work with, I tell you why in a minute.

Today we are going to go over one of my favorites by far expressive portraits titled Adela.
As You can observe here the preliminary Sketch is done, this time done with a 4B after that some shadows are added Green and Yellow Oqure and Crimsom for the upper eye lids. Closing in Shadow for her nose making sure where the light is coming from measuring always from left to right in my case", this will give the distinct characteristics of this Beautiful Lady.

Because the medium dries faster the approach of adding more pigment process is fast for the beginning of the portrait, as to really see the shadows the narrow of her cheek bones are more prominent and her neck in this case are rather meaty. Wanting as well to emphasized her big brown eyes using a combination of Rublev Watercolors ,Opaque Watercolors and Gouache not necessarily in that order but all three combined.

Just like a runners" term The Expression Muscle Toner" adding washes of crimson and Orange colors to her cheeks, bring out those Eyes this was also similar adding color to the eye lids and part of her forehead to add a plump full figure".

The fun Part began! Lets dance shall we? Light is here adding more orange and Red in to her Cheeks with out forgetting the lips. The gouache is mixed in with the watercolor middle tone light tone value" plays a Role.

The Face is almost complete adding eyebrows and then more shadows this is made by gradually adding blues and greens colors is just as preference.

Playing with her expression by raising one eyebrow, and adding highlights to the eyes, you can also get the sense of movement in this face. Her Peach complexion and Natural Beauty are Adorable of an Adela .

What's next? well should be able to tackle a darker complexion portrait about time and a male nude and...

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