Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Completing the task at hand is not easy the lack of time, because of our responsibilities at least that does it in my case.

The painting tackled in a Beautiful Morning promising my Family not to paint on the weekends or during family hours after 7pm. Noticed that setting up priorities and doing my own schedule with flexible time for self and taking breaks with Dates, have being much more helpful (productive) even to complete and feeling rested after painting time.

Artist Dates well it means that one should take self for a date to (pamper self) to do whatever you feel like it, fishing, cooking special recipe, walking, dancing, running, singing, visiting museums, replanting plants or gardening , visiting libraries, sketching, what makes you feel happy?. (in my case was to Rest) just sit down contemplating nature (meditating) does it for me, but also within time included other activities.

Schedule: Early Morning write in a journal wish I have being doing since February constantly! in the beginning where pages of pure nagging, " the curtains are ugly never liked it them" but with in time, "there is something about it in the way the light cast it shadows underneath the second plea* haha what would you know almost have a poem.. get it? (Inspiration) flows..

Being also good to self, Yes Tomorrow will be better! shhhh now one thing a time, first things first, because our artists is more like a child we must nurture it, is all psychological but it is important, you don't want to work with a grumpy neglected One believe me!, specially pushing it for long hours and after 10pm! try for more healthy..

Now painting time is fun! Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays are my painting time no matter what ( no phone calls) unless is an emergency and doing so with One hour rest and oh yeah the coffee breaks. eating well in intervals and drinking enough water.

The results are a much more passive and tranquil scenarios where you see light on the trees. Wanting to incorporate some sheep but because the house is bright Red decided to leave it as is. The painting is 17" by 15" on a watercolor 140lb paper made in Watercolors with a touch of Gouache.

The sky is made entirely in watercolors to give it some transparency and all breathe with peace'.


  1. Aaah, you've been reading Julie Cameron! Her books are inspiring, I've read and used several of her books as tools. I journaled for a long time, but have found it challenging once I got married and have two dogs.
    Your piece is lovely and magical, love the colors! Great work!

  2. Thank you so much by the way what kind of dogs? that sound like fun, try for at least one page and continue gradually increasing.. must do! time for your self it is important.
    Have a great Day