Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abstract Tittled Disambiguation

This painting is one, that makes you think twice, that was exactly the purpose of doing it, painted with emotion, but yet wanting to convey a sense of peace with in... some might disagree because the color scheme might create impact. Well.. your Art might not appeal to everybody yet each painting is a prospect a candidate, is in us to believe in what we do and why we do our Art.

To transmit the same passion, you have and love is as unique as your self. Just like a friend of mine said Nothing beats That Fire! and is true. that is why your emotions plays big part in what you do. Nevertheless it might be for our own contentment that we might do it, to sit down and contemplate, gives you a sense of accomplishment that regardless what other say, when you look at it, you say this is what I wanted.

Since the beginning that you stare at that canvas and realize that has a potential and you begin to see a bigger picture, that will be the next master peace of yours. The same Respect you put in to your work will eventually come out. That same strength that guide you trough will help you, or perhaps those dreams will guide you.. and you push forward.

The Painting in the beginning was Gold, Cooper and Silver but we decided to put black on it, My daughter helped me with the embellishments and suggested the Red ha'ha' ha', smart girl!. This painting has sand, stones, metal gold leaf and modeling paste the size is 24"by 18" those little lumps where made with a palette knife wish gives it a 3 D effect once you look at it, eventually a number 1 of more series to come.

The kind of painting that you don't get tired of looking . That makes your mind and feelings go wabble", and ask questions and make stories. My husband said it terrorizes me! Lol' I said oh honey, it is all in your mind, it depends on how you look at it'.

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